Since we last saw each other in person in March, members of our campus community have been working tirelessly to research, prepare and put in place mechanisms, policies, procedures and physical changes to the campus to help ensure that the entire campus community can return in the safest manner in the Fall. These teams consist of faculty and staff from Academics, Administration, Admissions, Athletics, Facilities, Finance, and Student Affairs. This email is the first in a series of regularly scheduled emails where we will provide updates. These emails will be archived on the college's COVID-19 Webpage.

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  • Alternative Teaching Locations (Team Leads - Marshall Bradway, Mary Ann Coughlin and Kevin Roy): A list of alternative teaching locations (on-campus spaces) has been developed that includes square footage for each site. The team leads are assessing which courses will need priority for alternative teaching locations.
  • De-Densifying Classrooms (Team Leads - Mary Ann Coughlin and Marshall Bradway): Classrooms are being evaluated to determine how many students the space can safely and reasonably accommodate for Face to Face (F2F) classes. In conjunction with Department Chairs, the Team Leads are determining which courses/sections should be held F2F, remotely, small group, or a hybrid.
  • In-Person Teaching/Internships & Clinicals (Team Leads - Patrick Love and Mary Ann Coughlin): Programs that require the most hands-on learning (AT, PT, OT, PA, Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education) are being evaluated to see if physical changes to spaces will allow for hands-on learning. Plans and protocols are being developed for programs that require in-person internships and clinical rotations (e.g., PA, PT, OT, education).

Student Affairs, Programs and Facilities

  • Athletics and Co-Curriculars (Team Lead - Craig Poisson): Athletics has convened a committee and they are actively working on a plan for safer resumption of athletics in accordance with all NCAA rules and state guidance.
  • Barriers (Team Lead - Kevin Roy): A campus-walk through has been completed to identify locations on campus that necessitate physical barriers (plexiglass) and signage. Priority spaces with extensive public exposure (e.g., the Union desk), are being identified. Materials have been ordered and are currently being installed to address basic social distancing needs.
  • Conduct and Behavioral Expectations (Team Lead - Dave Hall): A COVID-19 addendum to the Code of Conduct has been created and approved. Overarching policies related to social distancing, gatherings, masks, personal cleaning, and staying home if sick are being developed along with plans for education/awareness and enforcement.
  • Counseling Center (Team Lead - Brian Krylowicz): Plans are in progress for the continuation of telehealth and the relocation of the Counseling Center to make space for contact tracing.
  • Deepening Current Student Engagement (Team Lead - Brianna Kirk): A plan to remind students why they chose Springfield College and to "re-recruit" them to return in the Fall has been created and is being implemented.
  • Dining (Team Lead - Christine Johnston): Harvest Table has extensive plans in place to adjust the procedures, capacity and structure of Table @ Cheney Hall (formerly known as Cheney Dining Services). All relevant CDC and state guidance will be followed. Ongoing meetings with stakeholders and key campus personnel will continue and plans will be adjusted as necessary. They are currently planning for 50% capacity and adjustments to how food is served and how diners flow through the facility. 
  • Guests and Travel (Team Leads - Mary DeAngelo and David McMahon): Team Leads are working with stakeholders (Admissions, Alumni, Development, etc.) to develop plans and protocols for campus visits. In terms of institutional travel, study abroad has been cancelled for Fall 2020 and discussions are ongoing about resuming other travel.
  • Health Center (Team Lead - Kathleen Hogan-Soltys): Plans are being developed to accommodate for "healthy" vs. "COVID" to include space and staffing.
  • HR Policies (Team Lead - Elle Morgan and Jonathan Howell): Telework policy is being developed that would apply to staff members.
  • Orientation (Team Lead - Annie Warchol): Springfield College Online Orientation Program (SCOOP) is currently underway (formerly known as June Orientation). Schedule for New Student Orientation (NSO) and Precamp are underdevelopment. Engagement with new students remains very high.
  • Residence Life Move In (Team Leads - Robert Yanez and Annie Warchol): A tentative plan for a staged move in of new students will take place over multiple days, followed by the staged move in of returning students. Currently, students arriving from abroad will quarantine for fourteen days upon arrival on campus.
  • Residence Life Structural Operations (Team Lead - Robert Yanez): Plans, policies and procedures are being developed for appropriate use of the space with considerations being made for traffic flow, elevator, bathroom and communal kitchen usage. Guidance is being taken from the State and the American College Health Association (ACHA).
  • Springfield College Connect (Team Lead - Patrick Love): Regular communication will continue to engage returning and incoming students. Three issues have been released (May 28, June 9, June 23) and will continue through the summer.
  • Wellness Center, Intramurals & Club Sports (Team Lead - Dave Hall): Plans are being developed to reopen the Wellness Center while following all guidance from the State. There will be changes to the physical layout, services offered. Patrons will have to be vigilant in their adherence to the new protocols for the facility to remain open. Club Sports will follow the guidance of the NCAA in terms of opportunities offered and procedures for participation. Intramural sports will focus on those with limited personal contact.

Public Health Issues

  • Contact Tracing (Team Leads - Christine Johnston, Raldy laguilles, and Kathleen Hogan-Soltys): A contact tracing plan, including a contact tracing team for campus, will be implemented for Fall. Apps and other technology to assist with contact tracing are being researched.
  • Isolation and Quarantine (Team Leads - Robert Yanez and Kathleen Hogan-Soltys): Plans are being developed for on-campus isolation spaces to include considerations for move in/out, cleaning, linens/laundry, food delivery, testing, and communication. Researching both on and off campus options for quarantine.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Team Leads - Kathleen Hogan-Soltys and Kevin Roy): A campus-wide assessment is being completed to determine the need for PPE for a variety of departments including Health Center, FACS, Public Safety, Wellness Center, academic programs, etc. Currently sourcing PPE through AICUM (Association of Independent Colleges & Universities in Massachusetts) and various other vendors/options.
  • Rapid Response Team (Team Lead - Sue Nowlan): The Rapid Response Team is designed to meet quickly in the case of a positive case on campus. The team will make the decisions about moving the case to isolation, implementing isolation protocols, activating contact tracing, identifying what to do with residence hall contacts, etc.
  • Testing (Team Lead - Kathleen Hogan-Soltys): Actively working with a consortium to have testing available at appropriate levels while taking into account privacy concerns.


Thank you for taking the time to read through the updates and supporting documents. If you have questions or would like additional information, please email