Here is a campus COVID update as we begin week #9 (March 22-28) of the semester.

During week #8 (March 15-21) we only had 5 positive cases (one residential student and four off-campus students, each of whom had few direct contacts). We began this week with only 7 students in supportive isolation or quarantine housing (using only 3% of the 209 spaces we have available this semester). We are proud of the way the vast majority of students continue to keep themselves and each other safe.

As you may recall, it was week #9 last semester where we had to shift into shelter-in-place, so we are successfully managing the virus so far this semester. 

As has been stated before, in order to make it through all 15 weeks of the semester we must remain vigilant with regard to following all coronavirus protocols, including wearing masks, frequently washing hands, maintaining social distance, and not exceeding COVID occupancy limits. Thank you to everyone who is doing their part to help us successfully get to this point of the semester.

Please get outside as much as possible to enjoy the springtime weather and continued best wishes as you proceed through this semester!


Patrick G. Love
Vice President for Student Affairs
Director, Student Affairs Administration graduate program
Springfield College
(he, him, his)
o: (413) 748-3100  c: (732) 543-4853  Twitter: @pglove33