Dear Community,

While this is the week #14 update, I am writing it in week #15—the last full week of the semester. So, that means YOU MADE IT! We will complete the entire 15-week semester on campus without having to shut down at all due to the virus. Obviously, many of you spent time in supportive housing due to either testing positive or being a direct contact, but as a community we successfully persisted and made it to the end. Congratulations! You should all take a measure of pride in this accomplishment.

I know it was frustrating at times to pursue a college education under such conditions; however, I want you to know that there were many, many people working with you and behind the scenes to make this happen. There were people running the testing center, coordinating the contact tracing team, managing supportive housing, following up with those who missed tests, building an ice rink, converting it to a beach, putting on an enormous amount of fabulous programming, etc.

I will not even try to name all these people here, because the list would be too long, but as you prepare for finals and the end of the semester, I ask that you consider thanking some of those people who have worked so hard to make this year happen for you. In addition, you each have your own support system of family, friends and others who have helped you through this year; consider thanking them as well. I have worked in higher education for about 40 years and I have worked with many great, hard-working people, but none of them compare to the community of staff and faculty who work here. Their dedication to the effort of helping you successfully complete this year is nothing short of inspiring.

We are all Springfield College and as a community we can celebrate this accomplishment together!

Good luck on finals and please continue to stay safe!


Patrick G. Love
Vice President for Student Affairs
Director, Student Affairs Administration graduate program

Springfield College
(he, him, his)
o: (413) 748-3100  c: (732) 543-4853  Twitter: @pglove33