Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The health and safety of our students is the College's highest priority. In response to news of a number of Novel Coronavirus (now called COVID-19) cases in Italy, Springfield College, in conjunction with our partners, has suspended study abroad programs in that country and withdrew all of our 15 students from Italy. 

All students have made plans to return home over the next few days where they will reunite with their families and finish out the semester. Our Italian academic partners have made arrangements for students to continue their courses remotely. Springfield College will work with students to minimize the academic impact of this transition. Any questions or concerns about academic progress should be directed to Mary Ann Coughlin, Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Even though our students in Italy were not located in areas highly impacted by the virus, we recognize that this is a rapidly evolving situation. The decision was made in line with safety protocol established by our administration and best practices in international education. The health, safety and well-being of our students is our utmost priority. In line with the recommendations of health authorities, students are being instructed to self-monitor for possible flu-like symptoms and not visit campus for a period of 14 days. 

This afternoon, the Massachusetts Commissioner of Public Health advised all colleges and universities in the state to suspend college-sponsored international travel. Therefore, we are abiding and are suspending our college-sponsored international travel at this time. 

The College continues to closely monitor the spread of the virus and its potential impact on the campus as well as on countries where Springfield College students, staff, and faculty are visiting or are planning to visit.  

As this is an evolving situation, the College will continue to provide updates if there are any additional significant changes that may impact the Springfield College community. In the meantime, stay informed through the CDC’s website and await further guidance on prevention from our Health Center.


Mary-Beth A. Cooper