General Questions

How do we handle the symptoms of colds and flus that overlap with COVID-19?
Students experiencing symptoms should visit the Health Center, who can run a rapid test followed by the PCR test if warranted. Faculty and staff should utilize their sick time and monitor their own health, contacting their primary care provider or urgent care center as needed. Faculty and staff may use the Sick C code in ADP to track sick time related to COVID-19. All other symptoms should use the regular sick time code.

Faculty and Staff Vaccination Status

Forward-facing employees are required to be vaccinated. Please review the College's Vaccination Policy. Questions about this policy should be directed to Human Resources.

Religious Exemption
Employees seeing a religious exemption from the College’s Vaccination Policy must submit a Religious Accommodations/Exemption Form. Please make sure you are specific on all questions and answer each thoroughly to avoid any unnecessary delays.

ADA Accommodations- Vaccine Related
If, based on the Vaccination Policy, you need to seek an exemption from the vaccination requirement for reasons related to your health or a disability, you would need to complete and submit the ADA Accommodations Request form.  All such requests must be accompanied by supporting documentation from your healthcare provider.

Vaccination Status
Please submit your vaccination or booster status via one of the options listed below. If you have previously submitted your vaccination information, you only need to provide your booster information.

  1. Click the attestation form link, and submit your information electronically.
  2. You can email a copy of your vaccination card to
  3. You can drop a copy of your vaccination card off at the Health Center during regular business hours.
  4. You can interoffice mail a copy of your vaccination card to the Health Center.
  5. You can snail mail a letter and copy of your vaccination card to the Health Center and count the days until it arrives (this is the less desirable option).

Testing, Contact Tracing, Quarantine

What are the testing requirements for all students, faculty, and staff on campus in spring 2022?
All residential students, regardless of vaccination status, will be tested upon arrival to campus in the spring semester. Students will need to remain masked until their negative test results are received. 

Any unvaccinated student, faculty, or staff member will need to participate in weekly testing. Learn about the current testing hours. 

If fully vaccinated and you test positive, do you go into quarantine and for how long?
Yes. If you are fully vaccinated and you test positive, you should be isolated for ten days. Students will have the opportunity to isolate on campus, or may isolate at home if they can access home via a private car.

As of guidance released by the CDC and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, released November 1, 2021, vaccinated individuals who are identified as a close contact should be tested five to seven days after their exposure. Vaccinated individuals without symptoms do not need to quarantine.

How will criteria for "close contacts" for the purpose of contact tracing be redefined to more accurately reflect the Delta variant's higher viral load and faster infection rate?
We will continue to follow the guidelines put forth by the CDC and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

What are the the costs & availability of on campus testing for faculty? staff? students?
At this time, the College is mandating weekly surveillance testing for unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff. Employees at the Springfield campus may test weekly onsite, at no charge. Learn about current testing hours. 

Can staff/faculty ask a student’s vaccination status?
Student vaccination statuses will be shared on a need to know basis, determined by supervisors, department chairs, and/or division leadership. 

What policies apply to students, faculty, and staff at the regional campuses?
The College vaccination policies apply to all students attending classes in a face-to-face format. Completely online students do not need to provide proof of vaccination. 

All students, faculty, and staff should follow guidelines set forth by the governing agencies in the areas in which they live/work. 


Will vaccinated students and professors be masked in classrooms? (Updated 11/1)
At this time, all individuals are required to wear a mask in the classroom

What are the expectations or plans if faculty switch back to virtual instruction?
The College is prepared to adjust and pivot as needed, should the need arise to return to virtual instruction.

If faculty need to not be on campus because of symptoms (or to care for a quarantining child), should they plan to cancel classes or move to Zoom?
Faculty should coordinate with their department chairs and deans on a case by case basis. Telework options should not be used in cases of caring for a sick child or member of your home.


Will spectators be allowed at athletic competitions?
We will continue to make decisions in concert with NEWMAC and the NCAA. Friends and family are welcome to attend athletic competitions; they are required to follow the College’s masking guidelines


Does Cheney allow sit down seating or grab and go?
The Table at Cheney is currently at normal occupancy. There is a grab and go option featuring a reusable container available for purchase for $5.

Housing and Residence Life

Do Residence Halls have limitations on the number and types of people in their space? 
Effective January 12th, only Springfield College students (residential and commuter) are permitted in the residence halls.  Allowance will be made during move-in where two guests may assist a student moving into the residence halls during the student’s assigned move-in block; guests should be vaccinated and follow the mask mandate. Guests are expected to follow all established COVID-19 protocols. In addition, they must be escorted at all times by their resident host.

Is any residence hall staying empty for isolation or quarantine?
Yes. Lakeside Hall is currently mostly offline, with only a few students living in the building. Additionally, part of the Graduate Village is held for quarantine and isolation spaces.

Student Life

How is the college planning to address if students express a preference for maintaining telehealth for their mental health appointments?
At this time, mental health appointments will be held in person at the Counseling Center’s new location in Massasoit Hall.