Face Coverings

How was the decision about face coverings in indoor spaces made?
Springfield College is following the recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Massachusetts public health officials that fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors in locations with high COVID transmission rates. Hampden County has been identified as an area of “substantial” risk for transmission of the COVID-19 virus due to its increased number of cases. We will continue to monitor the local transmission rates and recommendations when making decisions about masking..

Where in the residence halls/on-campus housing do I need to wear a face covering?
Face coverings need to be worn inside public areas of residence hall buildings: hallways, lobbies, lounges, kitchens, and laundry rooms. They do not need to be worn in private rooms or while completing hygiene tasks (showering, brushing teeth, washing face, shaving, etc.). For students living in suite-style accommodations (Living Center, Senior Suites, Townhouses), face coverings do not need to be worn when inside common areas in your private living quarters (kitchen, living room) but do need to be worn in common building areas (lounges, laundry facilities). Student guests who are in other students' private rooms and/or common areas in private living quarters, still need to be masked while in those spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

Vaccination Status

Can we ask about someone’s vaccination status?
We understand that students may want to know of each other’s vaccination status. It is up to each individual to determine their comfort level with sharing this information about themself. 

Are all employees vaccinated?
Forward-facing employees of Springfield College are required to be vaccinated or have an approved religious or medical exemption. Employees at Harvest Table with direct contact with food or people are also required to be vaccinated or have an approved exemption.

How will I know someone is vaccinated when they are outdoors without a mask?
Springfield College prides itself on living our Humanics philosophy of leadership in service to others in all that we do. This includes our ethos to keep our community safe by following the guidelines for masking. We are going to have to rely on the honor system and the desire of our students, faculty and staff to make appropriate decisions and choices to keep each other safe. Employees and students found in violation of the face-covering policy will be held accountable.

Can students who aren’t vaccinated be on campus?
Students must be vaccinated or have an approved exemption to be on campus. Student access to buildings, facilities and academic spaces will be limited to only those who are vaccinated or have an approved exemption.

What is the process to review exemption requests?
Medical exemptions are reviewed by Health Center staff to ensure the primary care provider has provided appropriate documentation. Requests for religious exemptions were reviewed by a committee for thoroughness.

Who knows my vaccination or exemption status?
Students' exemption status is shared within the College only, and on a need-to-know basis, as determined by Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and/or Athletics.


Will students need to pay for COVID tests?
There will be no direct charge to students who are required to undergo arrival and surveillance COVID PCR testing. In some very limited circumstances, a student’s health insurance will be billed if the COVID test needs to be processed at a local facility.

Are new and returning residential students required to be tested on campus when they move in during Spring 2022?
Yes. New and returning students who live on campus will be tested as the first stop during their self-selected move-in time block. Students will receive their move-in time block from Residence Life. They must first report to the PE Annex (239 Wilbraham Avenue) for testing prior to checking into their residence.

Who is required to undergo surveillance testing?
Unvaccinated students and forward facing employees will be required to undergo weekly surveillance testing. At this time, surveillance testing is not required for vaccinated individuals. Effective March 1st, any student or employee who has not received a booster will be considered not fully vaccinated and will be required to test weekly. If an individual is experiencing any symptoms, they should contact a health care provider for guidance and possible testing.

Can anyone stop by and be tested?
All students and employees can receive one test each week on campus during the regularly scheduled hours at the Testing Center. Learn about current testing hours.

Visitor and Guest Policy

Are there limits to the number of visitors/guests/occupants on campus?
Currently, there are no limits on the number of people that can be in any space indoors or outdoors, other than those imposed by the fire marshal. 

Are guests (non-Springfield college students) allowed to visit the residence halls?
Effective January 12th, only Springfield College students (residential and commuter) are permitted in the residence halls.  Allowance will be made during move-in where two guests may assist a student moving into the residence halls during the student’s assigned move-in block; guests should be vaccinated and follow the mask mandate. Guests are expected to follow all established COVID-19 protocols. In addition, they must be escorted at all times by their resident host.

Can friends and family come to athletic competitions?
Yes, friends and family are welcome to athletic competitions. They are required to follow the College's masking guidelines.


If I am fully vaccinated and test positive, do I go into quarantine and for how long?
Yes. If you are fully vaccinated and you test positive, you should be isolated for ten days. Students will have the opportunity to isolate on campus, or may isolate at home if they can get home via a private car.

Per guidance released by the CDC released on July 29, 2021, vaccinated individuals who are identified as a close contact should be tested three to five days after their exposure, and should wear a mask until they receive a negative test. Vaccinated individuals without symptoms do not need to quarantine.

What can I expect if I quarantine on campus?
Students who quarantine on campus can expect Springfield College staff to check on them periodically during their time in quarantine and to be cleared by Health Center staff prior to their release. Laundry service will be provided once each week. Meal delivery will be arranged for all students. Students can order contactless delivery of food, groceries and supplies. Students will be responsible for working with their instructors to remain current with their courses. Access to printing and library materials will be made by arrangement and mail will be delivered to students.