What is the vaccination requirement?

Based on recommendations from the CDC, the American College Health Association, and the State of Massachusetts Department of Health, Springfield College is maintaining the requirement that all students and employees who study and/or work in-person have completed the primary series of COVID-19 vaccinations (two doses of Novavax, Moderna, or Pfizer - preferred - or one dose of J&J)  or otherwise have an approved religious or medical exemption. We also highly recommend that all students and employees stay up-to-date with their vaccinations and receive booster(s) when they are eligible. 

The College vaccination policies apply to all students attending classes in a face-to-face format. Completely online students do not need to provide proof of vaccination. All students, faculty, and staff should follow guidelines set forth by the governing agencies in the areas in which they live/work. 

How do I submit my vaccination documentation?

Students should send a copy of their vaccination card to healthcenter@springfield.edu. Employees may send a copy of their vaccination card or complete the online attestation form which can be found on PrideNet under My Profile. 

What if I can't be vaccinated?

Students requesting a medical and/or religious exemption should begin the process by submitting the Vaccination Exemption Request Form to healthcenter@springfield.edu

Employees seeking a religious exemption from the College’s Vaccination Policy must submit a Religious Accommodations/Exemption Form.  Employees seeking an exemption from the vaccination requirement for reasons related to health or a disability, would need to complete and submit the ADA Accommodations Request form.  All such requests must be accompanied by supporting documentation from your healthcare provider.

Can people ask about others vaccination status?

We understand that students and employees may want o know each other's vaccination status. It is up to each individual to determine their comfort level with sharing this information about themselves.

How do we handle the symptoms of colds and flus that overlap with COVID-19?

Students experiencing symptoms should visit the Health Center, who can run a rapid test. Students may also take a home test and seek care from their primary care provider, but should also notify the Health Center (HealthCenter@springfield.edu) if they test positive. Faculty and staff notify their supervisor and use their sick time if they are unable to work. Employees should monitor their own health and may procure a rapid test from the Health Center if they are symptomatic or take a home-test; they should contact their primary care provider or urgent care center as needed.

What can I expect if I isolate/quarantine on campus?

Students who isolate/quarantine on campus can expect Springfield College staff to check on them periodically during their time in isolation/quarantine; Springfield College staff will contact students throughout the process with guidance. Students may leave isolation on day 6 if they were symptom-free or if their symptoms have resolved (e.g., feel well enough to come to class/work, and without fever for 24 hours), but must adhere to strict mask wearing for an additional 5 days (until Day 10). In this instance, high quality masks must be worn at all  times, except for when a student is alone in their own residence hall room/apartment.

Meal delivery will be arranged for all students. Students can order contactless delivery of food, groceries and supplies. Students will be responsible for working with their instructors to remain current with their courses. Access to printing and library materials will be made by arrangement and mail will be delivered to students.