Contact Tracing/Quarantine (updated 7/16)

A trained campus Contact Tracing team will work in concert with the Springfield Department of Public Health and the Health Center to identify anyone who has been directly exposed to someone with COVID-19. 

All individuals who are direct contacts will be contacted by the contact tracing team.

  • Unvaccinated individuals (and those not fully vaccinated) will need to quarantine. 
  • Fully-vaccinated individuals who remain asymptomatic are not required to quarantine or have a COVID test.
  • Fully-vaccinated individuals who develop any symptoms will be evaluated by medical staff and may need to quarantine.

An appropriate quarantine living space will be designated as needed. Currently, a 10-day quarantine will be required and we will follow the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to determine when a student can be released from quarantine and return to normal activities on campus. During quarantine, a student must remain in their designated quarantine space. They may not enter any other campus buildings or participate in any in-person activities (including in-person classes, athletics/club sports, in-person employment, and campus activities). 

If a student chooses to go home to quarantine, they must be able to do so via private vehicle.