Springfield College requires that all students intending to study on our main campus in Springfield for fall 2021 receive the COVID-19 vaccine prior to their arrival to campus. Forward facing employees are also required to be vaccinated. This requirement is consistent with the recommendation of the American College Health Association and a similar requirement at state universities in Massachusetts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m vaccinated, how do I submit my proof?
    Students should send a copy of their vaccination card to healthcenter@springfield.edu.
  2. What is the deadline to submit proof of vaccination?
    Students can begin to submit their proof of vaccination immediately. The deadline for submission is Aug. 6, 2021.
  3. Are there exceptions to the vaccine requirement?
    Students may apply for medical or religious exemptions. Students should follow the same process they have used to be exempted from the other vaccines that are required to attend Springfield College. A medical exemption will be provided when certification is made, in writing, by a health care provider who has personally examined the student and in whose opinion the physical condition of such student is such that their health would be endangered by vaccination against COVID-19. A religious exemption will be provided when a student states, in writing, that such vaccination would conflict with their religious beliefs.

    Students Requesting a medical and/or religious exemption should complete and submit the Vaccination Exemption Request Form to healthcenter@springfield.edu.
  4. Will there be restrictions for students who aren’t vaccinated and have an exemption?
    Students who are formally exempted from the COVID-19 vaccine requirement due to medical or religious reasons will be required to wear masks in all classes and seminars. These students will be able to participate in activities that require close contact, including intercollegiate athletics, club sports, intramurals, Pre-Camp, Cultural Connections, Alternative Spring Break, Outdoor Pursuits, and other activities or on-campus employment that involves close contact with other individuals. 
  5. Who do I contact if I have more questions about Springfield College’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement? 
    Additional questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine requirement can be sent to studentaffairs@springfield.edu.