John Borland, Springfield College
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Conn., 2008
  • Master of Science, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga., 2003
  • Bachelor of Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Mo., 1992

Borland has taught sport management courses for the past 14 years at three different colleges and has published a sport leadership book as the lead editor. The second edition of that book was released in early 2019. Before earning a PhD in sport management with a concentration in sociology, he was in journalism for nine years, working as a copy editor at three different newspapers. Borland ended that "first career" at the renowned San Jose Mercury News in California in 2001.

Research Interests

  • Social justice
  • Race and gender in sport
  • Media and communication

Courses Taught

  • Event Management and Promotions
  • Communication in Sport and Recreation
  • Venue and Personnel Management
  • Internship in Sport and Recreation
  • Social Issues and Policy in Sport Organizations


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