Contact Info


Sara Scribner, Springfield College
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y., 2021
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Disability Studies, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y., 2020
  • Master of Science in Inclusive Special Education - Multiple & Severe Disabilities, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y., 2011
  • Bachelor of Science in Inclusive Elementary & Special Education, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y., 2010

Sara Scribner is a former inclusive special educator across a variety of elementary and secondary grade levels. Her research utilizes a critical lens and her interests include inclusive best practices, the intersections between "disability" and other forms of marginalization in schools, supporting students with challenging behavior in general education classrooms, classroom community and membership, and preparing inclusive social justice-oriented teachers.

Research Interests

  • Inclusive Best Practices
  • Challenging Behavior
  • Inclusive Classroom Community
  • Differentiating Instruction
  • Critical Disability Studies and DisCrit

Certifications and Memberships

  • American Educational Research Association (AERA)
  • Society for Disability Studies (SDS)
  • New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO)

Selected Works

Conferences and Presentations

  • Scribner, S. (April 2022). Teachers' Conceptualizations of "Work:" Classroom Community and Challenging Behavior. American Educational Research Organization, Virtual
  • Scribner, S. (April 2022). "Well, They Were ______:" Pathologizing Disability to Justify Students on the Margins of Classroom Community. Society for Disability Studies, Virtual
  • Scribner, S. (April 2022). Teachers' Perceptions of Administrator Support Around Classroom Community and Challenging Behavior. New England Educational Research Organization, Portsmouth, NH.
  • Scribner, S. (April 2022). "Well, There's Those Kids...:" Trends in Who Falls to the Margins of Classroom Community and Behavior Norms from the Perspectives of Educators. New England Educational Research Organization, Portsmouth, NH.
  • Scribner, S. (April 2021). "Oh, Now That You Mention It, They Were All Black:" Omissions of Identity Beyond Disability in Discussions Around Challenging Behavior and Community Membership. New England Educational Research Organization; Virtual.
  • Roquemore, K., Dickens, B. & Scribner, S. (April 2021). "I Am Not a Researcher:" Lessons Learned from an "Inclusive" PAR Study. Society for Disability Studies, Virtual.


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