Name & Synopsis Contact Info Photo
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Coordinator Tampa, Professor of Counseling
Carmine headshot
Assistant Director for Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Budgeting
  • Strategic Planning
Senior Financial Aid Coordinator
Walter Geter, Senior Financial Aid Coordinator, Headshot
Adjunct Faculty
Administrative Associate
  • Mentoring young adults
  • Making a difference
  • Provide excellent customer service
Assistant Director for Recruitment and Outreach
Raul Lorenzo, Assistant Director for Recruitment and Outreach, Headshot
ONLINE ENROLLMENT COORDINATOR/Academic Advisor of Regional and Online Programs
Arlinda Quinones Headshot
Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
Henry Singleton
Adjunct Faculty
Admissions Assistant
  • Mental Health Counseling Program
  • Current Job Functions' Knowledge Expansion