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Family Nights

Here are the dates for our 2020 Family Nights.

  • Session 1: Wednesday, July 1
  • Session 2: Thursday, July 16
  • Session 3: Thursday, July 30
  • Session 4: Thursday, August 13


Family Night Details

To help kick off our Family Fun Nights camp songs will be sung featuring counselors and campers followed by a period of time where your child can show off their skills in a few of our program areas. It all ends in time to return home for a good night’s sleep to finish up one last day after two weeks of camp fun.

During this evening, we park at the Child Development Center as well as East Campus and operate shuttles for our guests. Please plan to drive to East Campus and our staff will redirect you to the Child Development Center parking lot if necessary.

Campers may not participate in the evening activities without adult supervision. This means we are encouraging and requesting that all campers enjoy the evening’s activities as a family. For those campers not staying for Family Night, child pick-up will be the usual procedure. Campers must be either picked up or met by a parent or guardian by 5:15 p.m. We do not operate the Springfield College shuttle on Family Night. If campers are not picked up by 5:15 p.m., we will handle the situation as we would any other camp day, calling the emergency contacts. If no one is reached at the emergency numbers, we will then contact the Department of Social Services.

In the event of inclement or an inclement weather forecast, Family Night will be canceled and not rescheduled. Cancellation information will be posted on our social media sites. You are more than welcome to join us for any remaining scheduled Family Night. Please RSVP to the camp office by Tuesday of that week'ss scheduled Family Night.


Theme Day

On the first Friday of each session, campers have the opportunity to dress according to a predetermined theme. The camp schedule for theme day follows the typical schedule; the only difference is the anticipation of campers dressed in a different wardrobe. We look forward to seeing your camper's creativity. Check back during the first week of camp to see what the summer's session themes will be!


All Camp Day

On the Tuesday of the second week of each session, the camp adjusts its programming to allow all the campers to come together as a large group in celebration of a common tehem. This day is split in half with the morning programming typically allowing for a "carnival" type atmosphere. The afternoon portion is an "All Camp" swim followed by an option to purchase a frozen ice cream treat at the end of the day. Check back during the first week of camp to see what this summer's session All Camp themes will be!