At the end of each session at Camp Massasoit, campers are awarded with various honors. For the last nine years, we have been pleased to hand out the William Sansalone Fellowship Award in memory of the life of William Sansalone.

This award was set up as a partnership between Camp Massasoit and William’s parents after his passing in the summer of 2005. He was most happy when at camp, and during the end of his time, made every effort to attend.

“From the moment we step onto the grounds of East Campus, we can feel Will’s spirit: In the wind in the trees and among the faces of campers around the council ring. This is our comfort. Camp Massasoit will always be our son’s second home,” said Maria Sansalone, William’s mother.

William’s parents, Maria and Jim, have set up the fellowship award in his memory, and the recipients are each provided a free session of camp the following summer. “The staff, who return summer after summer, nurture a sense of belonging, collaboration, and personal accomplishment. They build character. We can think of no other place where the goals align so perfectly with the William Sansalone Fellowship Award,” they said.

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