What does it mean to be a student-athlete at Springfield College?

Being a student-athlete at Springfield has made these past four years unforgettable. I have learned many valuable lessons both in the classroom and in the throwing circle that I know I will use for the rest of my life as a result of Springfield College’s spirit, mind, and body philosophy. From the very first practice I knew that I was respected and that the coaches were very willing to work with bothmy class and study schedules, which allowed me to practice daily while still being able to participate in other programs offered here that are required by my major. I am very fortunate to attend a school that respects athletes as much as Springfield College does.

What is your most memorable/impactful experience as a student-athlete?

One of my goals as a student-athlete is to get the best GPA that I can while being the best athlete 
I can be. I am extremely honored to be able to represent Springfield College on the national stage both academically and athletically. The most memorable student-athlete experience I have is earning a place on the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association All-Academic Women’s Track and Field team. 

What opportunities have been presented to you because you are a student-athlete that may not be afforded other students?

Being a student-athlete here has exposed me to many different departments that I would not have had the opportunity to work with if I was not an athlete. For example, working with the wonderful athletic training program, our outstanding strength and conditioning program, and our nutrition program. If I was not a member of the track and field program, I would not have found one of my passions: weightlifting. These programs have taught me so much, not only about getting stronger, but also about how to maintain my health on a daily basis.