Throughout our history, Springfield College has had an international footprint. Whether through the young Canadian student who invented the game of basketball on our campus, or the dissemination of our Humanics spirit as our teams travelled the world playing the game they love, Springfield College Athletics has served as a vehicle to bring people together.

The impact of international travel today is no different. The powerful moments our field hockey and men’s basketball student-athletes experienced while traveling internationally this summer are solid evidence of this. And, while our student-athletes have benefitted from time spent overseas, their overall college experience has been enriched by an influx of international students on our rosters this season. New cultures, languages, and conversations have been shared with students from places such as Norway, Hong Kong, St. Lucia, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Guam, and more.

The climate for recruiting high school aged students in New England has created the need for institutions to find ways to market themselves differently and to carve out a niche. A unique institution, Springfield College offers many opportunities to prospective students. One that is highly sought by potential student-athletes is the opportunity to travel out of region and internationally. As we continue to set ourselves apart from the competition and provide a first-class student-athlete experience, providing these opportunities is an important talking point for our teacher-coaches in the recruiting process.

The commitment of College leadership to diversify our student-body is being underscored by a new position on the admissions staff that focuses solely on international recruitment in places as far as India and Dubai. The resources available through your donations to the Friends of Springfield College Athletics (FOSCA) help offset costs of these trips, and also allow our student-athletes to have a more enriching and fulfilling experience. 

By making your gift to FOSCA, you truly are allowing our student-athletes to build upon the transformative experience that comes with being a member of the Springfield College community.

Craig Poisson, G’90, DPE’99
Director of Athletics