Can’t Log In?

Being unable to log in is frustrating. Luckily, we can help you relieve that.

First, try to figure out the reason you can’t log in. Could it be:

  1. An incorrect password or spelling error
  2. An incorrect security type
  3. A poor connection
  4. The wrong network
  5. Some other error

If you have one of these issues, we have some ways to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve your issue.

Carefully check the spelling of both your username and password. Your username is your Pridenet username and your password is your Pridenet password.

If you believe you have a poor connection, try moving closer to a router or try to connect to a different router.

Students will only be able to connect to SC_Student and faculty will only be able to connect to SC_Springfield. Trying to join the other network will not work.

If your issue is not one of these, please contact Tech Services and we will be happy to assist you.