William Arighi, PhD, assistant professor of world literature, presented “Discursive strategies of Rohingya blogs and poetry” at the Northeast Modern Language Association Annual Conference in Boston in March 2020. The presentation focused on how Rohingya refugees are using digital platforms to demand recognition for the violations of their human rights. Arighi also presented ‘Borrowed Languages’ after the Greater East Asia co-prosperity sphere” at the Modern Language Association Annual Conference in Seattle, Wash., in January 2020. This presentation was a part of a roundtable on the figure of the oceanic in Southeast Asian literature. 

Jessica Barrett, PhD, assistant professor of athletic training and director of the post-professional athletic training program, and Darius Greenbacher, MD, Springfield College team physician and physician at Baystate Medical Practices Sports and Exercise Medicine in Northampton, Mass., co-presented “Dislocation reduction: Clinical skill acquisition, teaching tools and tips” at the 72nd Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Conference and Clinical Symposium in Mashantucket, Conn., in January 2020.  At the same conference, Barrett and Brett Winston, PhD, assistant professor and clinical education coordinator of athletic training, presented “Enhancing learning environments in athletic training.” 

Eileen Cyr, EdD, professor of education, co-presented “Teachers as ‘first responders’: Exploring social emotional learning concepts ranging from teacher self-care to dealing with trauma in today’s classrooms” at the Critical Questions in Education Conference in Seattle, Wash., in February 2020. Her co-presenters were members of the Springfield College S-Cubed program and Springfield (Mass.) Public School teachers Nadine Awkal, Class of 2021, Shanyn Dudley, Class of 2020, Jessica O’Brien, G’17, and Alexa Suaers, Class of 2021. S-Cubed is a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education-approved program for teachers who currently work in the Springfield Public School System and are looking to receive their post-baccalaureate initial teaching licensure. 

Laurel R. Davis-Delano, PhD, professor of sociology, co-presented “A people of the past? Invisibility of contemporary Native Americans” at the Eastern Sociological Society Conference in Philadelphia, Penn., in February-March 2020. Her co-presenter was Virginia McLaurin, doctoral candidate in anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, and her co-author was Jennifer Folsom, faculty and doctoral candidate in journalism and media communication at Colorado State University.  

Katherine Dugan, PhD, assistant professor of religion, presented “It’s about women’s health!: Catholic family planning meets secular science” at the American Catholic Historical Association Annual Meeting in New York, N.Y., in January 2020. Dugan also presented “Natural family planning, social media, and the ethnographic method online,” at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in San Diego, Calif., in November 2019.   

Justine Dymond, PhD, associate professor of English, chaired two competitively selected roundtables titled “Writing mothers: Maternal subjectivity in literature” at the Northeast Modern Language Association Conference in Boston in March 2020.  

Melinda Fowler, PhD, assistant professor of biology, presented “Insulin and blubber deposition in rehabilitating harbor seal pups (Phoca vitulina)” at the World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona, Spain, in December 2019. The project was conducted in collaboration with Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Conn., and explored how insulin may be involved in blubber deposition over time in feeding harbor seal pups. 

Heather Gilmour, EdD, assistant professor of sport management and recreation, presented “Weaving partnerships to meet curricular and cocurricular program goals” at the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation Annual Conference at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La., in February 2020. The presentation focused on the examination of curricular and cocurricular opportunities with a community partner. The session explained how one partnership with a nonprofit sport organization in Springfield, Mass., has been leveraged for multiple curricular, cocurricular, and research opportunities within the Department of Sport Management and Recreation at Springfield College.  

Robert Gruber, PhD, assistant professor of philosophy, presented “Control, collective action, and a solution to the mismatch problem” at the Biennial Philosophy Homecoming Conference at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Mass., in October 2019. The talk attempted to offer solutions to a puzzle in the ethics of collective action: Every time a group has acted wrongly, is it possible to attribute wrongdoing to at least one of the individuals involved?  

Sally M. Hage, PhD, associate professor of psychology, was a panelist for a webinar on “Practitioners publishing in counseling psychology journals: The integration of practice, advocacy, and science,” sponsored by the Society of Counseling Psychology in October 2019. Hage also co-presented “Addressing the unique needs of college students: Courageous and holistic models for positive change” at the American Psychological Association Convention in Chicago, Ill., in August 2019. Her co-presenters were Philip Imholte, Shawn Saylors, Julie Freedman, and Marcus Dumas, all current doctoral students in the Doctor of Psychology in counseling psychology program. At the same conference, Hage co-presented “Sexual assault prevention: Addressing toxic masculinity in reducing violence” at the Innovative Approaches to Working with College Men to Prevent Sexual Assault Symposium. Her co-presenter was Sean DeMartino, PsyD, assistant professor of psychology. 

Chris Hakala, PhD, director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship and professor of psychology, presented “Team teaching: What the science of learning can tell us” at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting in Chicago in July 2019. 

Kathleen Mangano, EdD, professor of physical education, co-presented “Higher order teaching: Preparing future faculty to be effective educators” at the Lilly Conference in Austin, Texas, in January 2020. Her co-presenter was Jessica Peacock, G’15, PhD’17, assistant professor of health sciences at Merrimack College. 

Paul Thifault, PhD, associate professor of English, presented “The American literary survey in the 21st century” at the Northeast Modern Language Association Convention in Boston in March 2020. The paper proposed new ways of distinguishing early from modern American literature in university curriculum.