Mary Barnum
Mary Barnum


Mike Cerasuolo
Mike Cerasuolo
Name Event/Occasion Source Date
Bob Accorsi Student Athlete Leadership Team Acts of Humanics Springfield Republican 2/26/20
Miguel Arce Paper City Hidden Legend Holyoke Sun Times 1/21/20
Mary Barnum Athletic Training Master of Science Program BusinessWest 12/5/19
Kyle Belanger Bringing Radio Row to the Classroom WWLP TV 22 1/28/20
Charlie Brock Impact of Kobe Bryant in Basketball WWLP TV 22 1/27/20
Matthew Brubaker Psychology of Winter Months WesternMass News 12/23/19
Cheri Burton Tip-A-Cop WWLP TV 22 11/15/19
Mike Cerasuolo Springfield College Represented at Super Bowl WesternMass News 2/4/20
Julia Chevan National Association of Chronic Disease Grant Healthcare News 12/4/19
Julia Chevan Healthcare Programs HealthCare News 1/7/20
Mary-Beth A. Cooper Zonta International Award WWLP TV 22 11/11/19
Mary-Beth A. Cooper Harvest Table Springfield Republican 2/10/20
Mary-Beth A. Cooper Coronavirus Update Springfield Republican 3/11/20 and 3/17/20
Mary-Beth A. Cooper Coronavirus Update WWLP TV 22 3/11/20, 3/17/20
Mary-Beth A. Cooper Coronavirus Update WesternMass News 3/11/20, 3/17/20
Joel Dearing Athletic Administration Leadership Series Springfield Republican 3/4/20
Michael D’Andrea School Counseling Week Springfield Republican 2/4/20
Martin Dobrow Communications/Sports Journalism 20 Year Anniversary BusinessWest 11/10/19
Charlene Elvers Humanics in Action Projects Springfield Republican 12/17/19
William Fisher Graduate Social Work Open House BusinessWest 3/5/20
Chris Hakala Faculty Enrichment Fund Springfield Republican 1/29/20


Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill


Brian Krylowicz
Brian Krylowicz
Name Event/Occasion Source Date
Anthony Hill Graduate Social Work Student of the Year Award BusinessWest 11/18/19
Calvin Hill Women’s Basketball Hosts Community Members WWLP TV 22 1/7/20
Calvin Hill Martin Luther King Jr. Lecture WWLP TV 22 3/3/20
Mark Howard Coronavirus Impact WesternMass News 3/16/20
Christine Johnston NASPA Annual Conference Healthcare News 12/12/19
Regina Kaufman National Association of Chronic Disease Grant Healthcare News 12/4/19
Brian Krylowicz Helping Students with Anxiety WesternMass News 1/15/20


LaTonia Naylor
LaTonia Naylor


Steve Roulier
Steve Roulier
Name Event/Occasion Source Date
Patrick Love Springfield School Volunteers Award Springfield Republican 11/25/19
Felicia Lundquist National Association of Black Journalists Student Forum WesternMass News 3/7/20
Kevin McAllister Impact of Hoophall Classic Springfield Republican 1/21/20
Jean McCaffery Fall Prevention Collaboration Springfield Republican 11/5/19
Jean McCaffery Healthcare Programs Healthcare News 1/7/20
David McMahon Adopt-A-Family Program Springfield Republican 12/16/19
Charles Milch Opioid Crisis Task Force WGBY Connecting Point 1/16/20
Michelle Moosbrugger Anti-Vaping Programs WGBY, Connecting Point 2/12/20
LaTonia Naylor AmeriCorps Week Celebration Springfield Republican 3/11/20
Kimberly Nowakowski Fall Prevention Collaboration Springfield Republican 11/5/19
Elizabeth O’Neill New England American College of Sports Medicine Awards Healthcare News 11/25/19
Craig Poisson College Hosts NCAA Basketball Tournament WesternMass News 3/7/20
Stephen Roulier Coronavirus Impact WesternMass News 3/4/20


Judy Van Raalte
Judy Van Raalte


Sarah Zehnder on Western Mass News
Sarah Zehnder
Name Event/Occasion Source Date
Martin Shell Theater Production Springfield Republican 11/17/19
Mara Simon Hally Beth Poindexter Young Scholar Award Springfield Republican 2/10/20
Brian Thompson Impact of Women Coaches in Strength and Conditioning WesternMass News 1/31/20
Judy Van Raalte Humanics Triathlon Guest Speakers WWLP TV 22 1/28/20
Lori Vaughn Occupational Therapy Helping at Sensory-friendly Night WWLP TV 22 3/8/20
Joseph Wronka Keynote Speaker at Chinese University of Political Science Springfield Republican 12/5/19
Sarah Zehnder Dance Performance Springfield Republican 12/6/19
Sarah Zehnder Springfield College Community Dance Events on Zoom WesternMass News 4/14/20