Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Springfield College Museum used for events?

The Springfield College Museum is available to College departments, alumni, and outside groups for meetings, exhibits, receptions and similar events.

What is the process for reserving the Museum space?

College Departments

Contact Outreach Librarian, Kerri Vautour, or 748-3096, to reserve the space for your event at least 2 weeks in advance.


Contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events at (413) 748-5287. There may be a charge for use of the space.

Outside Groups

Contact the Office of Conferences and Special Events at (413) 748-5287. There may be a charge for use of the space.

How large a group does the Museum accommodate?

For sit-down meetings, the museum accommodates 30-40 people at either round or oblong tables. For stand-up receptions, 40-50 people and several exhibit areas can be accommodated. Large groups of 75-100 people can mingle between the permanent museum exhibits if no other furnishings are added.

What about arranging for chairs, tables and other furnishings, media needs, and food?

College Departments

Once you have reserved the space you are responsible for making arrangements for your event with the appropriate services. Please be sure to schedule clean up or breakdown of delivered items to take place immediately following your event.

Furniture delivery

This includes round and/or oblong tables and chairs, bistro tables, and food serving tables. Log into PrideNet and go to the Offices > Facilities & Campus Services page to submit a work request to FACS.

Media Needs

Podium, laptops, data projector, screen, PA system, speakers and other audio/visual equipment . Please note there is NO built-in sound or projection system in the Museum. Submit a job ticket to Media Services.

Refreshments (Aramark only)

Springfield College Catering (Use Internet Explorer).

Off-campus and Alumni groups

The Office of Conferences and Special Events will arrange for all food, facility, and media needs for your event as part of their service to you.

What about getting into the Museum before, and/or locking it up after an event?

The Museum must be accessed with a key and security code. FACS, Aramark, Campus Safety, Library Administration and some college administrators have codes and keys. We will arrange to provide access if needed, and Campus Safety is available 24/7 to open and secure the Museum for events scheduled outside of regular business hours (M-F 8:30-4:30).