Scholars in Action Day 2013



Over 200 Springfield College juniors and seniors presented their scholarly work to the College community on Tuesday, April 16 as part of the 9th Annual Scholars in Action Day.    

2013 Scholars In Action Award Winners 

Scholars in Action Day is designed to showcase undergraduate scholarship at Springfield College. The event is an opportunity for juniors and seniors to share their research, scholarship, and creative activities with the College community.

Conference Papers:

  • Gasparri, Elena: In Defense of a Classic: A Student’s Testament to Joseph Conrad’s Powerful work.
    Faculty Sponsors: Alice Eaton
  • Makris, Larissa: Creole: A confusion of the Sane and Insane.
    Faculty Sponsor:  Alice Eaton

Conference Presentations:

  • Slattery, Killian & Pelleteri, Anthony: Tax Revenues Generated by Casinos.
    Faculty Sponsors: Mark Howard
  • Gendler, James; Kozimor, Corey; Bletsos, Sophia; & White, Jeff:  Review of MGM Springfield.
    Faculty Sponsor:  Tim Allen

Descriptive Poster:

  • Ostrander, Leigh; Lozyniak, Deanna; Lucey, Alexandra; & DeAngelo, Kristen:  Ethical Priority Values Among College Students. 
    Faculty Sponsors: Barbara Mandell & Christa Winter
  • Zaleski, Ariel: A Neuromuscular Pathology in a 22 year-old Female: A case study.
    Faculty Sponsor: Sue Guyer 

Analytical Poster:

  • Engel, Ian & Romano, Robert: Fatty Acid Composition of Grass-fed versus Conventional Beef.
    Faculty Sponsor: Richard Wood
  • Berv, Julia & Cone, Julia: The Effects of Breastfeeding on a Child’s Immune System.
    Faculty Sponsor: Richard Wood

Experimental Poster:

  • Luzgin, Alice & Hatch, Cherise: Effects of Ethanol on Morphology of Japanese Medaka Fish and Northern Leopard Frogs.
    Faculty Sponsors: Susan Keys
  • Chalmers, Brian. The Effect of Light Hours on Chlorella Vulgaris (green algae) Lipid Protein.
    Faculty Sponsor: Susan Keys

Dance Presentation:

  • Moylan, Marya: The Firebird: A Choreographic Point of Departure Based Upon an Historic Collaboration between Igor Stravinsky & Michael Fokine.
    Faculty Sponsor: Cynthia Nazzaro