Springfield College Hosts 2014 Unity Fest




Springfield College hosted the 23rd annual Unity Fest event on campus on Sept. 13 with hundreds of students from local colleges throughout western Massachusetts coming together as a unified group to celebrate this special multicultural experience. 

The afternoon was filled with dance performances, music, games, and a variety of delicious foods as students from Springfield College, Springfield Technical Community College, American International College, Western New England University, Westfield State University, and Baypath University brought different cultures together for a day of sharing ideas and teamwork.

“The goal of Unity Fest is to bring people together and allow them to enjoy an experience in a diverse setting,” said Multicultural Affairs Graduate Assistant Alex Martin. “The activities bring many different cultures together, everyone has a chance to communicate with other schools, and have some fun together. The different schools bring their performers and it’s nice to talk with them and see what their experiences are like.  Each year the participants try and make this affair bigger and better and I think we accomplished that this year.”

Unity Fest occurs during the fall semester each year with the participating colleges and universities taking turns hosting the event.  Unity Fest was originated by Springfield College Multicultural Affairs Center Director John Wilson and Naomi White-Innis from American International College in 1991.