Springfield College Scholars in Action Day 2018


Over 200 Springfield College students presented their scholarly work to the College community on Tuesday, April 10 as part of the 14th Annual Scholars in Action Day.  Scholars in Action Day is designed to showcase undergraduate scholarship at Springfield College. The event is an opportunity for students to share their research, scholarship, and creative activities with the College community.  

2018 SIA Day Winners

Conference Paper: 

Lakeisha Reed, "African-American Masculinity and Society in 'A Raisin in the Sun'"


Fredrina Foxe, Brandy Holloway, Eugenia Ofori, Cody Sharon, Bent Shenae, "Minimizing the Cycle of Youth Gun Violence"

Cheri Burton, Leah Burns, Pedro Rosado, Rosalie Cool, "ATTEND Anti Truancy Teamwork to Educate and Nurture Dependability"

Experiemental Science: 

Abbie McCann, Chelsea Viveiros, "Does Interactive Storybook Reading Enhance Expressive and Receptive Vocabulary in Children"

Experiemental Social Science: 

Kristen Finch, "The Effects of Hemisphere Specific Priming on Recognition of Faces and Words"

Michael Napolitano, Kathryn Putnam, Zachary Marlin, Blake Heller, "Physical Fitness Test on Home School Physical Education Students"

Analytical Science: 

Kimberly Postler, "Cultured Red Photoreceptors Produced to Replenish Retinal Degeneration from Retinitis Pigmentosa"  

Morgan Troiano, "The Relationship Between Cardiovascular Disease and a Vegetarian Diet"

Analytical Social Science: 

Olivia Baker & Max Valera, "Training Secretaries, Training Soldiers"


Daniel Lane, "An 18 year old male Cross-Country Runner with a Simple Elbow Dislocation, Grade III Lateral Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tear, Grade III Radial Collateral Ligament Tear, Ruptured Median Cubital Vein, Partial Proximal Wrist Extensor Tear: A Case Study"

Student Choice Award: 

Megan Klein, Alex Cobb, Marissa Moquin, Lauren Szczesny & Gillian Power, "Busting Up Bias"

Holocaust Remembrance Award: 

Jake Barnacle, "Urban City Children vs Inner City and Their Likelihood to Join a Gang: Is it the Resources and Knowledge They Have, or the Area They are in?" 

Scavenger Hunt: 

Angelica Core