All students, faculty, and staff at Springfield College are required to register their vehicle with the Department of Public Safety before parking on campus. 

Before purchasing your permit, read through the rules below.

Rules and Regulations for On-campus Parking

Student Lot Allocation by Permit

Lots 2, 15, and 18:
All students residing on campus

Lots 2, 5, 9, and 15:
All commuter students

Lot 5A:
Satellite lot for resident students

Lot 6:
Senior and Junior residents of Alumni Hall, International Hall, Reed Hall, and Massasoit Hall

Lot 7:
Residents of Lakeside Hall and Abbey-Appleton Hall

Lot 15:
Parking open to both resident students and commuters.

Lot 18:
Student residents and faculty

Lot 20 (Brennan Center Lot):
Open to all students with a Springfield College permit taking classes at the Brennan Center

Restricted Access Lots

Lot 1:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday visitor parking for Admissions and the Stitzer Welcome Center located in Judd Gymnasia.

Lots 4, 10, and 19:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday Faculty and Staff parking only. 

Lots 12 and 14:

Reserved 24-hour parking, 7 days a week

Permit Placement

  • Please place the permit inside the window of your vehicle.
  • The permit should be placed on the back door window of the driver’s side.
  • For vehicles with tinted windows or two-door vehicles, place the permit on the lower left corner of the driver’s side windshield.

Vehicle Registration

  • Vehicle registration is done online by following the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Individuals are required to have read all of the regulatory requirements prior to registering a vehicle.
  • All vehicles with out-of-state license plates are required to obtain a secondary non-resident permit.

Who Must Register?

  • All faculty, staff, and students of Springfield College who park on College-owned property.


  • Visitor parking spaces are available in Lot 4 and at the entrance of Lot 10 Physical Education Complex. 
  • There is no overnight parking allowed in visitor parking spots. 
  • If you are an employee or registered student of Springfield College, you are not considered to be a visitor.
  • Students who have a visitor on the campus must purchase a visitor's day pass from the Department of Public Safety or purchase a Frequent Visitor Permit for their guest(s). This permit is available online and can be printed from your computer.

Parking and Traffic Regulations

  • Parking spaces at Springfield College are limited, therefore, certain regulations must be observed. No vehicle is to be operated on interior campus roads at a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour with the exception of emergency vehicles.
  • Parking privileges may be revoked at the sole discretion of the Chief of Police.
  • Permits may be transferred from one vehicle to another by notifying the dispatch center at (413) 748-3516.
  • Any person who abuses and/or violates parking privileges and regulations is subject to disciplinary action.
  • It is the duty of the Springfield College Department of Public Safety to enforce the provisions of these rules and regulations.

Where Can I Park?

  • Individuals will receive a permit number and lot assignment when they apply for a permit. 
  • Reserved spaces are for College administrators and faculty members only. 
  • It is the responsibility of the driver to call the Springfield College Department of Public Safety if they are unable to find a space in their designated lot to obtain permission to park in an alternate lot.

Cost of Vehicle Registration

  • The vehicle registration fee is $125 per year.
  • Lost permits will incur a replacement fee. As mentioned above, permits may be transferred to your new vehicle.
  • You must contact the Department of Public Safety with all new vehicle information.
  • In the case of a new license plate for the same vehicle, or a new vehicle, the Department of Public Safety must be notified to avoid a $50 fine.

Special Parking Privileges

  • Persons with an illness, injury, or documented disability that requires deviation from standard parking regulations must apply for a state-issued temporary or permanent handicap placard.
  • In the event that you are injured or have an emergency, special parking privileges may be granted

First-Year Students

  • First-year students are not allowed to have vehicles on campus. 
  • In some cases, first-years may obtain a parking permit for medical or employment reasons ONLY.
  • First-year students are required to be approved for a permit BEFORE they can bring a vehicle to campus. 
  • Any citations acquired without approval cannot be appealed.
  • Proper documentation is required and the decision will be made at the discretion of the Chief of Police. 
  • First-years will be required to submit pay stubs upon request (no exceptions). 
  • Employment verifications will be done quarterly. 
  • It will be the responsibility of the student to report any changes in their employment status as soon as it occurs. 
  • Failure to do so will result in the immediate revocation of your permit and parking privileges on campus until the following school year. 
  • First-year students are restricted to park in Lots 2 and Lot 15 only. 
  • Excessive fines will result in the immediate revocation of your parking privileges here on the campus of Springfield College. 

Please be advised that the submission of any letters or required documents does not guarantee that you will be granted permission to have a vehicle on campus. 

If you have any further questions contact Cheri Burton at (413) 748-3860 or

Towing of Vehicles from Campus

  • Any vehicle parked illegally on Springfield College property may be towed.
  • Any vehicle parked in tow-away zones, fire lanes, handicap parking, reserved parking areas may be towed.
  • Any vehicle in any lot without a proper permit may be towed at the owner’s expense may be towed.
  • No prior warning will be given to the owner.

In addition to towing expenses, the owner will be subject to all fines for parking violations. The Springfield College Department of Public Safety will not be responsible for paying towing fees for any vehicle for any reason, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Permit is not properly displayed
  • Vehicle is unregistered
  • Vehicle belongs to a guest that does not have a parking pass
  • Registered vehicle is parked in a non-designated lot
  • Disabled vehicle is illegally parked and the owner did not notify the Springfield College Department of Public Safety

NOTE: If it becomes necessary to tow your vehicle, Springfield College reserves the right to unlock the vehicle to ensure its safe removal.

Placing a Vehicle Immobilizer on Motor Vehicle

  • Vehicles may be immobilized for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, the accumulation of three (3) or more parking tickets and/or failure to adhere to parking regulations.
  • The owner must report to the Department of Public Safety within 24 hours or the vehicle will be towed.
  • All fines and tow fees must be paid before the boot will be released.
  • Students are responsible for their guests’ fines.
  • Tampering or removal of a boot will result in an additional fine of $100 and/or disciplinary action.
  • Two or more immobilizations will result in the immediate revocation of parking privileges and towing of the vehicle.

No Parking Areas

  • Front of Abbey-Appleton Hall
  • Power House Road
  • Front of Alumni Hall
  • Loading Zone
  • Spaces marked with hash marks
  • Any spot not properly marked as a parking space

The above areas are emergency vehicle lanes only; parking in them will result in a fine.

  • Parking in fire lanes, on emergency access roads, sidewalks, and all grass areas will result in an automatic $50 fine. 
  • Handicap citations are $100 and may not be appealed.
  • Tickets resulting from parking in loading dock areas may not be appealed.
  • The road leading to Lot 14, behind the Administration Building, is a two-lane road, and there is no parking on either side of this road at any time for any reason.

NOTE: The absence of a sign prohibiting parking does not constitute a valid excuse for violation of the regulations set forth by the Springfield College Department of Public Safety. All areas not outlined for parking have been purposely omitted in order to reduce traffic hazards or allow the passage of emergency vehicles. Parking in these areas carries a fine and may result in the towing of your vehicle. The use of emergency flashers cannot be used as a defense when parking illegally.


Loading and Unloading Vehicles

  • Individuals should call the Springfield College Department of Public Safety at (413) 748-3516 to request permission to park closer to their residence hall for 15 minutes to load or unload their vehicle.
  • Failure to call will result in a ticket. Use of flashers cannot be used as a defense when parking illegally.

Disabled Vehicles

  • Report to the Springfield College Department of Public Safety to obtain a disabled vehicle pass (not to exceed 24 hours) to prevent a vehicle from being ticketed, towed, or immobilized.
  • Phone calls reporting a vehicle that is disabled or illegally parked will not be accepted.
  • Disabled vehicles parked in fire lanes must be removed from the lane immediately.
  • If the vehicle is towed, it will be done at the owner's expense.

Alternate Parking Lots for Students

  • Lots 1, 4, 10, and 19 will be available to students Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. until 8 a.m. the following morning.
  • Tickets written for vehicles parked in Lots 1, 4, 10, and 19 after 8 a.m. may not be appealed.

Tickets written for vehicles parked in the above lots after 8 a.m. Monday through Friday cannot be appealed.


Ticket Fees

No Non-resident Permit$10

No Valid Permit or Temp Pass$25

Improper Display of Parking Permit or Temp Pass$25

Parked in Incorrect Lot$25

Boot Fee$35

Parking in Reserved Lot$50

Altering a Temporary Parking Pass$50

Violation of First-year Student Restrictions$50

Not Parking Within Lines$50

Parking in a Fire Lane$50

Parked in a Loading Zone$50

Parked on any Access Road$50

Parked on Sidewalk or Grass$50

Parked in Crosswalk$50

Parked in a No Parking Area$50

Blocking Flow of Traffic$50

Failure to Move During Snow Removal$100

Parked in a Handicap Spot$100

Towing of Vehicle During Snow Removal$25

Ticket Appeals

  • Appeals are held on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Appeals must be submitted within two (2) weeks of the date that the ticket was issued. 
  • Appeals are granted to individuals with valid permits ONLY
  • If you cannot make your scheduled appeal, your case can be heard without you being present. You must request this option.
  • Failure to appear at your hearing or not notifying the parking administrator 24 hours before your appeal time, that you will not be present will result in your citation being upheld.

Valid Grounds for Appeal

  • You must present substantial evidence that you did not commit the violation for which the citation was issued.
  • You may have committed the violation, but the circumstances were not under your control, and prior to being issued the citation, you made an attempt to notify the Springfield College Department of Public Safety of the situation.

Invalid Grounds for Appeal

  • Lack of knowledge of regulations
  • Parked for a short period of time or the parking lot appeared empty
  • Having the incorrect permit
  • Failure to obtain or renew a permit
  • Failure to display a permit
  • Displaying a permit obtained under false pretenses
  • Displaying a permit not assigned to the motor vehicle to which it's affixed
  • Inability to pay fines

Committee Guidelines

  • Your past parking record will be considered.
  • The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for the citation, regardless of who was driving.
  • Permits must be displayed correctly and in accordance with directions of the Springfield College Department of Public Safety in order to be considered valid.

Temporary and Frequent Visitor Passes

  • Temporary and Frequent Visitor Passes will be issued online.
  • The online Temporary and Frequent Visitor Passes are not to be used by Springfield College students for their own personal vehicles. 
  • Temporary Passes will not be issued for longer than two weeks.
  • No more than two Temporary Passes will be issued in an academic year. 
  • A Temporary Pass is not the same as a guest pass or replacement vehicle pass.
  • Frequent Visitor Passes can be purchased for a single guest.

Day Passes

  • All guests, vendors, contractors, and lecturers may obtain their day passes by contacting the faculty member, staff member, or department chair who is responsible for them while they are on the campus.
  • They will be able to request the appropriate pass online and then the pass will be emailed to the requesting Springfield College employee and their guest.

Reserved Parking Areas

  • Lot 12 (Abbey Circle) and Lot 14 (behind the Administration Building) and visitor spaces are reserved parking areas, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
  • Lots 1, 4, 10, and 19 are reserved parking areas Monday through Friday.
  • Students are allowed to utilize these lots Monday through Friday, 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. the following morning.

Springfield College Department of Public Safety Courtesy Transport

  • A 24-hour courtesy transport service is available to and from any location on College-owned property.
  • Call (413) 748-3516 or ext. 3516 (from a campus phone) to request a courtesy transport.

Shuttle Service

  • The shuttle van operates on a fixed route at 15-minute intervals throughout the campus during evening hours.
  • The shuttle will transport individuals to and from locations on College-owned property only.
  • Call (413) 748-3400 or ext. 3400 (from a campus phone) for shuttle hours.

Snow Removal

  • Vehicles that are not moved as instructed during snow removal will be ticketed and fined $50. Any citation issued for failure to remove your vehicle will not be eligible for appeal. 
  • Vehicles that must be towed in order to clear snow will be cited and held responsible for all tow fees.
  • If your vehicle has to be relocated within the lot, you will be charged an additional $50.
  • Students are notified in advance of snow removal dates and times via postings in residence halls, Springfield College email, social media, and posted signs.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual to find out when the removal will occur.

Rave/SC Alert

Springfield College encourages the use of our RAVE and SC alert systems. To learn more, click here.

Jump Boxes

  • Jump boxes are available at the Springfield College Department of Public Safety.
  • You will be required to leave your Springfield College ID when borrowing a box.
  • Upon returning the box, your ID will be returned to you.

Lock Outs

  • In the event that a person has locked their keys in a vehicle, a dispatcher will assist them with contacting AAA or a towing service.

Emergency "Blue Light" Phones

Emergency phones and call boxes are located throughout the campus. Current locations are as follows.

  • International
  • Reed
  • Massasoit
  • Alumni
  • Flynn Campus Union
  • Cheney rear between Judd and Cheney
  • Cheney front near Schoo-Bemis
  • Fuller Arts Center
  • Lot 3 on Facilities Management building
  • Living center, front door
  • Lot 2 guard booth
  • Harold C. Smith Learning Commons (front sidewalk near Alden Street)
  • Lot 1 lamp post
  • Administration Building
  • Weiser, rear door, handicap ramp door
  • Abbey-Appleton front entrance and rear of building near Flynn Campus Union
  • Lakeside
  • Gulick
  • Wellness Entrance
  • Senior Suites, quad entrance and Lot 18 entrance
  • Brennan Center, main entrance and right side of building
  • East Campus

Pressing the “emergency” button will activate the box and connect directly to the Springfield College Department of Public Safety.

Liability Wavier

  • Under no circumstances will Springfield College, its agents, and/or employees be responsible for any loss or damage occurring to any motor vehicle (including any contents therein) parked on Springfield College premises, for any reason, including, and not limited to, theft, vandalism, negligence, or otherwise. 
  • Any motor vehicle parked, operated, or driven on campus shall be done so solely at the risk of the owner and the operator. Springfield College shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage occasioned to any such motor vehicle, the operator, other occupant thereof, or any person unless such damage has resulted from the gross negligence of an employee or agent of the college acting in the course and within the scope of his/her employment.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation Student Warning

It is unlawful for a nonresident student to fail to file a non-resident driver statement with the police department located in the same city or town as the school or college attended, in accordance with Section 3 of Chapter 90 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Failure to file such statement is punishable by a fine not to exceed $200.

Register Your Vehicle

*Vehicle Registration is closed and will reopen on Monday, August 5, 2019*