Josh Hillman ’18 minored in adventure education and now
works as a park ranger at Mount Washington State Forest.

Describe your experiences at East Campus.
I came to East Campus for Pre-Camp and became a Pre-Camp leader after that. Once I got wind of the adventure education minor, I started taking outdoor education courses. From then on, I was out at East Campus every semester up until graduation. I became certified to work at the ropes course through the challenge course facilitation class. I took Outdoor Pursuits my sophomore year and worked the following two years as a student leader. I also worked at Camp Massasoit in the adventure program.

How did East Campus prepare you for your career?
Everything Veatch, Ben, and Ted France have taught me—outdoor leadership, adventure theory, maintenance skills—helped get me where I am today. I got my lifeguard certification, which made me more eligible to be a park ranger, at East Campus. They wanted people with first aid experience, which I had from East Campus. I feel like  being a park ranger at Mount Washington is just an extension of all my experiences at East Campus.

Why do you support Friends of East Campus?
I made my first gift as a student on Giving Day. Once I saw the link online, and how easy it is to donate. It was a no brainer. In the future, I hope to give more. I know that the money is going to impact the facilities there, supply materials for camp, and help the next group of campers to experience East Campus the way I have.

What makes East Campus special?
East Campus is the place where the Springfield College mission statement and my life passion crossed paths. To satisfy my soul, I have to work outdoors in service for others, and that’s why I became a park ranger. There is some sort of spiritual, gravitational connection with the land and the people there. It’s a special place where there are many opportunities for growth and development and lifelong friendships. I think about how my grandparents met there at Freshman Camp and it feels like I’m walking in their footsteps.