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The American studies major will provide you with in-depth knowledge of history, society, politics, and culture, allowing you to better understand the world around you and how you can contribute to it.

Students who major in American studies are well prepared for graduate school or careers in areas including education, public administration, research, public health, government and law, marketing and public relations, museum and documentary filmmaking, and writing.

The Door is Always Open

Connecting with faculty is critical to student success. An open door policy is the standard for the Department of Social Sciences, which supports American studies, criminal justice, history, and sociology majors.

Students from the American studies major and criminal justice major share how faculty members have impacted their Springfield College experience.

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Problem solving, creative thinking, writing, and communication are just some skills I gained from the American studies major at Springfield College. It’s more than just a major. You have the ability to pick and choose courses, internships, and minors that attract you. For me, I was able to minor in both education and business. The content of the courses provided me with the knowledge and skills that transformed me into the person I am today. [...] I cannot thank the faculty and staff enough for helping me achieve my dreams as I continue to grow in my career. Hannah Ebling '15, Marketing/Communications Director Maine Listings
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Studying American Studies At Springfield College