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Art Therapy/Counseling (Master's Degree) Facilities

William Blizard Gallery
Art and design student sculpting
Art and design student drawing
Art and design computer lab students
Students in computer lab
Art and design student making a sculpture

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Springfield College offers students classes and personal mentoring from professional artists, internships for all majors, beautiful studios, and state-of-the-art technology.

Programs prepare students for new career opportunities in computer graphics and digital arts, dance, studio art, art therapy, and art education in an open and welcoming environment. 

Our facilities, which are open day and night for the convenience of our students, include the following.

Working Spaces

  • Art and design studios that provide a sprawling, well-lit space for students to create, whether that's to paint, sculpt, design, or draw. 
  • Computer labs equipped with software for Web design and 3D art, gaming, and animation, as well as smart technology that allow for collaboration and teamwork. 
  • Sculpture studio that allows students work in a variety of mediums, from welding to wirework and woodwork to clay sculpting
  • Print studio with print equipment and machinery and materials
  • Craft studio, which is often used by art therapy students

Performance Spaces

  • Fuller Arts Center, which seats 300 individuals and includes a computerized stage lighting system, sound system, and acoustical wall panels
  • William Blizard Gallery, which exhibits art and student work throughout the year
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