Web, CGI, game architecture and graphic design. It’s more than magic, and Springfield College digital arts students are well versed in it. From the creative to the technological, the digital, web, and multimedia arts major broadly prepares students who, in the end, walk away as well-rounded and experienced designers. Through the major, you’ll be able to choose from three concentration areas: Web design, graphic design, and 3D.

Our graduates head into the workforce with experience, a stellar portfolio, and knowledge gained from a constantly evolving curriculum on the cusp of digital media. Their flexibility and expansive knowledge makes them a valuable asset to employers and successful in their careers, which include video game design, animation and FX, advertising, Web design, multimedia businesses and communication, scientific and medical simulation, and graphic design.

My goal is teaching students to be creative and flexible in the ever-changing world of 3D, web design, and visual communication—to prepare them for current jobs, while teaching them to imagine the future. Ruth West, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF ART
Ruth West, Professor of Graphics Arts, teaching in the classroom
Student work that displays social media icons behind a male's head
Conceptualize and Create

Our students have created some pretty impressive work. The knowledge, skills, and experience they gain from this allows them to put experience on their resume before graduation and develop an established profile to show employers.

Student sitting infront of computer working on graphics project.
Study in Hollywood

Want to work with the people who make digital effects in the movies and games? Students can spend a semester at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, located in Hollywood, Calif., for the same cost as being an on-campus student.

Studying Digital, Web and Multimedia Design At Springfield College
William Simpson Fine Arts Series

Celebrate the arts

The William Simpson Fine Arts Series entertains and inspires. Experience the arts with magnificent work from artists and performers from both inside and outside the Springfield College community. Attendees will be dazzled by dance performances and theater presentations, captivated by art exhibitions and thought-provoking film, and delighted by concerts and literary events.

William Simpson Fall 2019 Program