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Undergraduate Academic Prerequisites/Proficiencies

The applied exercise physiology (AEP) concentration prepares students for careers focusing on human performance in non-clinical settings. This track is of interest to those who want to pursue careers in the area of sports physiology where a strong science base is required. In this concentration, you’ll examine the physiological responses of various bodily systems to acute and chronic exercise. This includes the study of neuromuscular function, cardiovascular physiology, hormonal and biochemical changes associated with exercise, as well as thermoregulatory responses. Students are given the flexibility to choose at least 6 credits from a menu of graduate courses that relates to their specific interest. Options include sports nutrition and courses in the area of strength and conditioning.

Due to the comprehensive and academically rigorous nature of the program, AEP students are well prepared to enter competitive doctoral programs in related fields. Preparation for doctoral training is a particular focus of this program. We strive to have student research presented at regional and national scientific meetings. Our goal is  to provide students in the AEP program with opportunities that will ensure a resume robust with professional experience upon graduation


Student and student athlete on the indoor track.
Why Applied Exercise Physiology?

The applied exercise physiology track is designed to meet the needs of students who want to work in the field of exercise physiology with an applied emphasis such as athletic performance and/or sports physiology. The curriculum addresses the fundamentals of human physiology related to the major bodily systems, specifically in the context of the responses and adaptations associated with acute and chronic exercise. Students who graduate from this track are very well prepared to pursue a doctorate in any aspect of exercise physiology


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This is the only program in Massachusetts accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), as well as being one of only six CAAHEP accredited programs in the United States.