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Kevin McAllister, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Sport Management
Chair, Department of Sport Management and Recreation
(413) 748-3476

Springfield College’s philosophy of humanics has been the impetus behind the development of the philosophy, art, and skill in the recreative use of leisure and management of sport for over a century. At the turn of the century, a pioneer in the American sport and recreation movement named Luther Gulick envisioned a world in which sport and recreational activities are available to everyone.

Today, career opportunities abound in the fields of sport management and recreation.  Opportunities for college graduates with sport management education and experience abound. Likewise, the recreation industry recognizes the need for well-prepared, knowledgeable individuals to create and manage high quality youth and community agencies, resorts, health clubs, private recreation businesses, armed forces, school, college and government recreation and fitness programs. One of the twenty faster-growing occupations in the United States is recreation management.

The Sport Management and Recreation Program focuses on preparing students for career opportunities within the sport industry and/or collegiate athletic settings. Course work is selected from business, recreation, psychology, and, physical education. Occupational paths for Sport Management graduates include sport facility and arena management; professional sport organizations; managerial positions at sporting goods companies; management of resorts, private clubs, and camps; as well as managerial jobs in sport marketing organizations.

The Sport Management curriculum includes course work in organizational theory, programming, business management, personnel management, sport marketing, legal issues, budgeting, and event management. The program is designed to meet the interests and needs of students coming from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds. Individual course work and electives are determined on the basis of the candidate’s educational experience, vocational training, needs, and interests.

The basic program requires a minimum of 33-36 credits of graduate coursework.

Hear from Kevin McAllister, EdD, Associate Professor of Sport Management/Chair of the Department of Sport Management and Recreation, as he provides an overview of the Sport Management graduate program.

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