Departmental Requirements

Principles of Counseling (3 credit hours)

Counseling Diverse Populations (3 credit hours)

Counseling Practicum (3 credit hours)

Elective (3 credit hours)

Program Core Requirements

Introduction to Student Affairs (3 credit hours)

Student Learning and Development (3 credit hours)

Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in Higher Education (3 credit hours)

Student Affairs Competencies I: Educational Research, Assessment, Evaluation, and Data-informed Decision-making (3 credit hours) NOTE: These courses are designed as a series of 3 5-week modules, which allow us to cover a broader range of topics than most programs.  Also, we are able to bring in experts across campus (e.g., the President of Springfield College) to facilitate each module, which allows students to learn from Springfield's talented faculty and staff. 

Student Affairs Competencies II: Leadership, Legal Issues, and Higher Education Policy (3 credit hours)

Student Affairs Competencies III: Budgeting and Finance, Resource Generation, and Management and Administration (3 credit hours)

Student Affairs Across the Spectrum: Community Colleges, Special Population Institutions, and Non-traditional Sites (3 credit hours)

Fieldwork in Higher Education and Student Affairs (2- 3 credit hour courses)

Capstone Seminar and Portfolio (3 credit hours)

Traditional Program Course Projections

Subject to change

First Fall Semester

  • Introduction to Student Affairs
  • Student Affairs Competencies I
  • Principles of Counseling
  • Diversity, Equity & Social Justice

First Spring Semester

  • Counseling Diverse Populations
  • Student Learning and Development
  • Student Affairs Competencies II
  • Fieldwork


  • Possible Fieldwork (if necessary)

Second Fall Semester

  • Student Affairs Competencies III
  • Counseling Practicum
  • Elective

Second Spring Semester

  • Student Affairs Across the Spectrum
  • Capstone Seminar and Portfolio
  • Fieldwork (if necessary)

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