Fieldwork is an essential component of the Student Affairs Administration program. You’ll complete a minimum of two different three-credit fieldwork experiences, based on your own career goals. As part of your fieldwork, you will be supervised by an experienced professional in the field and attend seminar sessions throughout the semester taught by a student affairs administration faculty member.

Fieldwork Manual

Read the manual below to find all of the fieldwork guidelines and requirements. Learn how to find success in your SAA fieldwork experience at Springfield College!

Fieldwork Manual

Fieldwork Contract

This document needs to be completed before you begin at your fieldwork site. Your fieldwork seminar instructor will go over further instruction in class. Please complete this document with your fieldwork supervisor. The fieldwork manual will provide you with more information.

Fieldwork Contract

Fieldwork Sites

Below you will find a list of previously used fieldwork sites, complete with school, office, and contact information. As a student, it is your responsibility to contact the sites to inquire about potential fieldwork opportunities.

Students, click here to explore fieldwork sites 

Supervisors, click here to become a fieldwork site