About This Program

Degree Earned

You'll earn a PhD in physical education with a specialization in teaching and administration.


The teaching and administration doctoral specialization provides broad-based preparation in the field of physical education and offers you the opportunity to design a program of study that meets your educational goals. You’ll be exposed to various sub-disciplines in the field, from which you’ll build a specific area of research study. You’ll graduate well versed in your research area and knowledgable about many interrelated content areas in the field, making you more attractive to employers.

You’ll graduate with the necessary research expertise to continue as a lifelong researcher and contributor to the body of knowledge in physical education. You’ll be prepared to teach in your research area as well as the various sub-disciplines at all educational levels. If you choose to focus your studies in administration, you will be qualified to lead and develop programs in the public and private sectors.

Upon completion of our PhD program, you’ll be ready to assume a position of leadership in the physical education field. And, we can’t wait to see what you do.

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