Do you want to advocate for the health of individuals, families, and communities? Do you want to enable people to increase control over their health and prevent diseases while stressing the importance of healthy living?  Majoring in health promotion for schools and communities will help you get started.

You’ll be prepared to become a health professional in public health sectors at the local, state, national and international settings. You’ll have the skills to plan, implement, and evaluate health programs in schools, community health centers, health care organizations, and work sites. And, you’ll know the educational strategies that support healthy decisions and lifestyles.

Graduates work to encourage health-conscious living by focusing on the individual and the influences that affect a person’s health.

Students may accelerate their undergraduate curriculum to take graduate courses in their senior year and complete the 4+1 Health Promotion program with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

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American Kinesiology Association Membership

The School of Physical Education, Performance, and Sport Leadership is a member of the American Kinesiology Association.

An advocate for kinesiology at the national and international levels, the American Kinesiology Association supports educational opportunities in the fields of exercise science and sport studies, health education and physical education, and sport management and recreation management.

Studying Health Promotion for Schools and Communities At Springfield College