Credits Needed

You will need a total of 120 credits for the Bachelor of Science in Human Services degree. Those credits include the following:

45 credits
for residency requirement
Minimum number credits you must earn by taking courses at Springfield College.
75 credits These remaining credits may be earned through transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions, additional courses taken at Springfield College, national standardized testing programs, and the experiential learning process.

Everyone takes the required courses shown in the table below. Your advisor will make sure that your program covers them.

Required Courses

HUSB 301 Core I -- Education, Oppression and

Social Intervention
Three credits
HUSB 302 Core II -- Political Economy and

Human Services
Three credits
HUSB 303 Core III -- Social Movements, Change

and Alternative Visions
Three credits
HUSB 304 A Critical Overview of Human Services Three credits
HUSB 305 Issues in Research Three credits
HUSB 330 Group Project in Community Development

and Change I
Four credits
HUSB 331 Group Project in Community Development

and Change II
Four credits
HUSB 332 Group Project in Community Development

and Change III
Four credits
HUSB 416 Senior Seminar Two credits

Note: If necessary, HUSB307 Human Services Portfolio Development (three credits) is required.

In addition to the regional and online required courses above, Springfield College requires General Education Requirements. Students may satisfy general education requirements via transfer and/or prior learning credits. The general education requirements are shown in the table below.

Springfield College General Education Requirements

Behavioral / Social Sciences

Three credits
College Writing (CW) Six credits
Computer Applications (CA) Three credits
Health/Wellness (HW) Three credits

Historical / Cultural Studies

Three credits
International Studies (INT) Three credits
Literary Studies (LS) Three credits
Multicultural Studies (MC) Three credits
Natural Science (NS) Three credits
Physical Activity (PA) Three credits
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Three credits
Spiritual/Ethical Dimensions (SE) Three credits
Visual Arts/Performing Arts (VAPA) Three credits