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Mia Tran, PhD
Director of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Department of Psychology
(413) 748-3316

What is industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology? It is the scientific study of psychology and human behavior in the workplace. It applies psychological theories and principles to organizations and the individuals that work in them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is one of the fastest growing occupations. 

At Springfield College, we offer an I/O psychology graduate concentration that blends coursework from numerous fields, including organizational psychology, counseling psychology, and human resource management. These fields are then combined with the science of psychology, so you’ll learn how to develop solutions for a wide array of human and organizational problems, ranging from employee selection to team building and organizational development. 

Our I/O psychology concentration follows the scientist-practitioner training model with a dual focus on the science and practice of the associated content areas. The objective of our curriculum is to ensure graduates leave with the essential knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities that support the transferring of knowledge to concerns involving individuals and groups in work settings.

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Hector Cintron-Ortiz

Area of Interest: Business Consultation, Marketing

"What I love most about the program here at Springfield College is how knowledgeable the professors are, the continuous opportunities to build on your resume, and the support from professors to students."

Reach out to Hector for more information about the concentration at hcintron-ortiz@springfield.edu.

Hector Cintron-Ortiz IO student poses on campus

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