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Five Reasons I Chose the Springfield College MBA Program

PJ Andrews '16 is a graduate student in the MBA program here at Springfield College. Here are his five reasons how the Springfield College MBA program differs from other programs.

1. It’s close to “home.”

Around February of last year, when I was still a senior at Springfield College, I began looking into master’s degree programs all around the country. I balanced searching for the right graduate school with searching for a job, but it was overwhelming. It was at this time that I called my mom for advice. She gave me what is probably the best advice ever: “PJ, you have looked at every school in the country, except the one that you go to now. Why don’t you meet with the department head and hear about the program?”

After hearing this, I immediately felt better, and did exactly what my mom had suggested. I met with Dr. Michael Musante and discussed the MBA program (both the pros and the cons). He talked to me about how it is a one-year program that will provide me with experiences that will set me up for a managerial role upon graduation. He also talked to me about notable alumni who have come out of the program.

Springfield College is unlike any other college or university in the entire country. Through our rich traditions, as well as small, family-like environment, you truly feel like this place is your “home”.

2. There are strong, in-class experiences.

While researching colleges and universities, I noticed that many of the programs were online or partially online. This was something that was a turn-off for me. I really enjoy the in-class, discussion-based environment compared to online discussions.

Employers often say millennials lack the interactive, face-to-face social skills that technology has taken away from us. I didn’t want to fulfill a stereotype, so classroom discussions were important to me, as I felt they would help improve my social skills, which would benefit me in my future career as a manager.

The on-campus program also helped create a sense of culture and belonging. Being in class and seeing my classmates every day allows me to learn all of these great things that I hope to bring to the workplace upon graduation.

3. Internship opportunities are everywhere.

Apart from in-class discussion, there are a lot of opportunities we are given here at Springfield College that will help us in our future careers regardless of the path we choose. The biggest opportunity is through internships.

While other colleges and universities have internship programs, many of the internships here are affiliated with Springfield College alumni. Whether they are serving as supervisors or they provide the internship role, Springfield College alumni often help current students get ahead in their careers.

Just saying the name Springfield College has already opened so many doors for me and I know it is going to open even more when it comes time for me to head out into the real world.

4. The program offers flexibility.

Part of what attracted me to the MBA program here was the flexibility that it offered. Our program is a one-year program that meets Monday through Thursday from 6-8:30 p.m. This schedule allows for many openings in each student’s busy schedule.

My cohort consists of 22 students—10 of us are full time and the remaining 12 are considered part-time. We also have students from England, Vietnam, and the United states.

5. The College (and program) provides ways to help finance your graduate education.

On top of having a very flexible schedule, both the College and the Department of Business Management offer several graduate fellowship and associateship positions that provide graduate students either an hourly stipend or some type of tuition reimbursement.

Due to the flexibility in our schedules, many of my classmates fall into one of these positions, which range from department graduate assistants (GAs) or graduate fellows (GFs) to sports team GA/GFs. For example, in my classes right now, I am one of five-business management department GA/GFs; we also have part-time students that fulfill six of the coaching GA roles.

Springfield College has been a place for me where I have found a “home” and a purpose. It has helped me find who I am and has provided me with an abundance of opportunity over the course of my five years here.

I hope one day you call this place home, too.