The MBA 4+1 is a five-year program comprising four years of undergraduate work at Springfield College, after which students will achieve a bachelor’s degree, and one additional year, during which they’ll pursue an MBA.

So, why enter into the MBA 4+1 program?

1. You’ll save time.

Traditional MBA programs typically take two or more years to complete (even longer if completed on a part-time schedule). But you’ll be able to earn two degrees in just five years, meaning you’ll be that much closer to beginning your career.

2. You won’t have to interrupt your career to earn your graduate degree.

Studying for an MBA while also working full time can be challenging. Rather than interrupting a career to pursue your MBA degree, you can complete both the undergraduate degree and MBA in five years. Classes are offered in the late afternoon and evening, so you can work part-time and go to school.

3. An MBA will make position you for a role in higher level management—and sooner.

The MBA 4+1 prepares students for higher-level management positions. The specialized skills and leadership qualities provides students with a competitive advantage over others. Plus, earning an MBA degree helps students quickly climb the corporate ladder.

4. Partnerships with business, nonprofits, and healthcare organizations give you experience on your resume, well before you graduate

The MBA 4+1 program introduces students to business, nonprofits, and health care organizations in the Pioneer Valley. Corporate residencies, internships, experiential learning opportunities, seminars, lectures, and dinners will give students opportunities to meet executives from various companies and organizations. Students will be able to cultivate relationships with those executives and build partnerships

5. You’ll develop a broad network of colleagues and other professionals.

Networking during the MBA academic term can help you to establish business contacts and referrals. In the long run, students can avail these contacts in improving their business position in the market as well as using them for information and referral.