Criminal Justice Concentration Curriculum

Concentration Mission:
The mission of the criminal justice concentration is to provide students with a well-grounded overview of the criminal justice system that includes its three core components (police, courts, and corrections) The criminal justice concentration seeks to empower practitioners to advocate for meaningful change within the criminal justice system that will embrace a collaborative effort between communities and those charged with the administration of justice within those communities.

Policy Statements:

Students wishing to enroll in the Criminal Justice Concentration may take the required courses and elective course in residency, the courses may be transferred in from other regionally accredited higher educational institutions, or be awarded through the experiential learning process.

Students enrolled in the Criminal Justice Concentration must fulfill their requirements for Group Project in Criminal Justice (12 credits - CJWB 330, 331, and 332) by completing a project relevant to the field of criminal justice.

Required Courses: 21 credits

  • CJWB 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice Credits: 3
  • CJWB 120 - Criminal Law and Procedure Credits: 3
  • CJWB 130 - Criminology Credits: 3
  • CJWB 152 - Police and the Modern Society Credits: 3
  • CJWB 154 - Corrections Credits: 3
  • CJWB 155 - The Criminal Court System Credits: 3
  • CJWB 220 - The Intersection of the Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems Credits: 3

Elective Courses: 3 credits

  • CJWB 131 - Women and Crime Credits: 3
  • CJWB 150 - Homeland Security and Terrorism Credits: 3
  • CJWB 170 - Cyber Crime Credits: 3
  • CJWB 239 - Ethics and Law Credits: 3
  • CJWB 249 - Juvenile Justice Credits: 3
  • CJWB 334 - Police Administration and Leadership Credits: 3
  • CJWB 411 - Violence and Social Control in U.S. History and Society Credits: 3

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn 120 credits to graduate. Of those credits, 48 must be taken at Springfield College (residency requirement).

Students must complete all three levels of required courses:

  • General education requirements
  • Regional and online requirements
  • Criminal justice concentration requirements (Minimum 18 credits taken in residence; see advisor for individual circumstances)

The group project must focus on a criminal justice issue.

The link below provides a detailed explanation of the graduation requirements and lists the general education categories.

Human Services Credit and Course Requirements