Hear what our students and alumni have said

Though we have a good idea how profoundly a degree from Springfield College affects both our alumni and their communities, we invite you to hear what our alumni say for yourself.

Screenshot of Sherry Peoples-Banks Interviews
Sherry Peoples-Banks '19
Screenshot of Michael Brochstein interview
Michael Brochstein '19
Graduate Subash Acharya '16 Headshot
Subash Acharya '16
Graduate Laurice Jiggetts '09, G'10 being interviewed
Laurice Jiggetts, '09, G'10

Laurice says her degree work helped her bring focus and vision to her goals, in a socially diverse culture. “My program empowered me and encouraged me to evolve. I have become my calling and am living my legacy.”

Frank Hawkins
Frank Hawkins '16

Why would a community leader who has made a difference in the lives and health of so many decide to get a bachelor’s degree at 51 years old? “Writing was just the beginning,” Hawkins said. “I wanted to learn more about the full range of issues in human services.”

Graduate Morgan Watt, '15 poses for picture with two other students at graduation ceremony
Morgan Watt, BS in Human Services, ‘15

Springfield is the only institution I know that comes straight out and says, ‘We’re going to talk about how we try to balance mind, body, and spirit.'

Tony C. Moore '09, G'12
Tony C. Moore '09, G'12

I became a better student at age 49 than I was at 21. The faculty was open-hearted. The students--all adults who had faced setbacks in life--were like a brotherhood helping each other. I was driven. I knew what I wanted to accomplish.

Grace Diaz '09, G'11
Grace Diaz ’09, G’11

It was amazing. The weekend schedule complemented my life. I earned college credit for my previous experience and education. The students and faculty became like a brotherhood, encouraging me to go on.

Graduate Miguel Trujillo '05 poses with youth outdoors
Miguel Trujillo '05

My advice is: you're never too old. The most successful people in history have made their greatest accomplishments after age 40.