Laurice D. Jiggetts ’09, G’10

Bachelor of Science in Human Services

Master of Science in Human Services, Concentration in Organizational Management and Leadership

Laurice Jiggetts is the director and founder of The Movement Project, Dance Program Inc., an organization she says, which is the direct result of her undergraduate and master’s programs at Springfield College regional and online programs.

A class assignment called for Laurice to write a personal biography—she entitled hers “I am Movement.” While earning her master’s in human services with a concentration in organizational management and leadership, she wrote her organization’s mission and vision statements, and program design. She researched the market and developed her implementation plan. Soon after graduating, Laurice introduced The Movement Project to the Mason Square neighborhood of Springfield, Mass.

The Movement Project is a dance training and health fitness program that engages young people who need an outlet for artistic expression and physical fitness. Her students include low-income and at-risk children, overweight and obese youth, and those with other physical and behavioral challenges

Laurice has taught, choreographed, and performed for community centers, schools, colleges, and special events for more than 30 years. Her body of work includes jazz dance instructor at the Pioneer Valley Performing Arts High School, where she wrote and directed the dance production Hip-Hope Diaries, and was the director of choreography for the production of Fame. Laurice was an adjunct faculty at Springfield College, teaching jazz dance theory and technique, as well as African dance. She is currently also manager and choreographer for LadyMsJ’s dance ensemble.

Laurice earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human services at Springfield College. Laurice says her degree work helped her bring focus and vision to her goals, in a socially diverse culture. “My program empowered me and encouraged me to evolve. I have become my calling and am living my legacy.”