"I have been fascinated by the development of young children for more than thirty years and began investigating the field academically in 1990.  I'm delighted to share my insights with my students, who invariably are equally beguiled by the intriguing arena of teaching young children, and of learning from them."
John Cipora, EdD received his BA from Brandeis University, 1969, his MEd from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1995, and his EdD from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2008.​​​​​​

My work inspiration: 

"As a non-traditional student myself (I went back for my Master’s degree in my forties, for my Doctorate in my fifties), I have the deepest respect for our adult learners as well as a sound understanding of the challenges they face on a daily basis. I often say‚ and absolutely mean‚ that my students are my heroes: they overcome obstacles that would leave the average person hiding under the covers and go on to accomplish remarkable things. I am especially delighted to have as teaching colleagues at the St. Johnsbury campus two peers who were undergraduate students of mine when I first started teaching for PCS. I am proud to have been part of their educational trajectory, to have helped mentor them through their Master’s programs, and now to see the exemplary impact they are having as they pay it forward by teaching the next generation of Springfield College St. Johnsbury students. I’m also deeply pleased to see how many of our undergraduate students now go on to earn advanced degrees, whether with PCS or with other fine institutions of higher education, at both the Master’s and the Ph.D. levels. So impressive, and so inspirational!"

My career path has been eclectic and expansive, incorporating experience in design, construction, and fabrication (especially of accessible playgrounds and children’s museum exhibits); working with adolescents and adults with diagnoses of intellectual challenges or mental illness, and teaching at levels from Pre-K through graduate school. One main focus of my work has been to support efforts of disenfranchised groups, whether differently-abled children, teens from families of limited means, adults seeking to change professions, or families striving to support members with mental health challenges. PCS provides me a perfect venue in which to tap all of these interests and skills in teaching our exemplary, experienced, deeply motivated, and social justice-directed adult students. Early Childhood Education is one of the most rapidly developing fields in the country, and it is my privilege to be the ECED Coordinator for all our PCS campuses. We have stellar faculty in the concentration, at every campus as well as online: our students are fortunate to benefit from such expert professionals.

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