School of Professional and Continuing Studies Requirements

Students enrolled in the early childhood education concentration must fulfill their requirements for Group Project, which includes earning 12 credits through completion of a project that is related to early childhood education (under the course numbers ECED 330, 331, and 332).

In order to earn a bachelor's degree with an Early Childhood Education concentration, you must have the 12 required credits in Early Childhood Education, plus an additional 12 credits in your chosen track (classroom-based or administration). You proud out your schedule with compelling elective courses. Students may transfer in credits from accredited institutions of higher education with a grade of C- or higher. In addition, undergraduate students may request credit for college-level learning for prior work, training, life, and other relevant experiences as outlined by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL).

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn 120 credits to graduate. Of those credits, 48 must be taken at Springfield College (residency requirement).

Students must complete all three levels of required courses:

  • General education requirements
  • School of Professional and Continuing Studies requirements
  • Early childhood education concentration requirements (Minimum 12 credits taken in residence)

The link below provides a detailed explanation of the graduation requirements and lists the general education requirements categories.

School of Professional and Continuing Studies
Credit and Course Requirements

Meet John Cipora, EdD - Concentration Coordinator, Early Childhood Education

John Cipora, EdD is a full-time faculty member and Coordinator of the Early Childhood Education concentration in our Bachelor of Human Services degree program. Learn more about him and his work with the program!

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