MBA Degree in Nonprofit Management

Develop the competencies and the confidence to lead your nonprofit into the future. 

“Enrolling in the MBA was a major investment in my future. This is a great program with great instructors that care.” - Latranda Thurmond, MBA’16

MBA Non-Profit Management Students engaged in class lecture at Springfield College
Written by MBA Faculty Member Debra Salsi

Five Necessities for Running a Sustainable Nonprofit

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Nonprofit organizations exist to fulfill a mission, often related to serving people, communities, members, or social causes. Nonprofits reinvest surplus revenues to further their missions, and to address societal challenges. One of the most important factors in predicting an organization’s ability to achieve its mission is the quality of its leadership team. To succeed, nonprofit organizations need to operate as efficiently as any private-sector business.

The developing nonprofit leader requires a master’s program specifically designed for an environment where success is measured by impact and the bottom line. The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management program continues to prepare talented, nonprofit leaders with know-how and confidence.

Career paths for MBA in nonprofit management graduates

If you are pursuing an MBA, now is the right time to pursue your Master of Business Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management. Positions for social and community service managers, directors, and leaders are expected to grow 18 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Graduates are finding that they are well-positioned to fill jobs within non- and for-profit companies.

Also read about the Five Necessities for Running a Sustainable Nonprofit, written by MBA faculty member Debra Salsi.

A delivery that works with your schedule

The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management is a one-year, three-term program for qualified students who choose a full-time program. Some students choose to move through the program on a part-time basis. The choice is yours. 

Hybrid Courses

In the hybrid program, which combines face-to-face and online learning, classes meet one weekend per month.

Fully Online Courses

In the online MBA program, your coursework is completed fully online.

Whichever format you choose, you’ll find that the MBA with a concentration in nonprofit management is a hands-on and project-based program, which blends theory and practical application.

Courses are discussion-based, and even on-ground classes include an online component that allows instructors and class members to remain in contact between class sessions for discussions and assignments. Elective course options may include Operations and Information Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, and Corporate Residency Fieldwork.

The Nonprofit Management MBA program is available at Boston, Milwaukee, Tampa Bay, and Wilmington campuses; or fully online.

Download the MBA brochure here. 

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