The School of Professional and Continuing Studies has a trimester format. A full-time, qualified student earns an MBA in 12 months. Full-time students take nine to 12 credits per term; some classes are online. Students may choose to be part-time. All courses include an online component using Brightspace, a component that allows instructors and class members to remain in contact between class sessions by continuing class discussions and providing additional resources.

Required Courses (24 credits)

  • BUSM 625 Marketing Management (three credits)
  • BUSM 642 Financial Management (three credits)
  • BUSM 650 Leadership and Governance for Nonprofits (three credits)
  • BUSM 652 Accounting for Nonprofits (three credits)
  • BUSM 655 Fund Development and Philanthropy (three credits)
  • BUSM 660 Law, Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility (three credits)
  • BUSM 679 Human Resource Management (three credits)
  • BUSM 690 Global Strategic Management (three credits)
  • ECON 601 Economics of the Firm in Contemporary Society (three credits)

Elective Courses (six credits)

  • BUSM 635 Operations and Information Management (three credits)
  • BUSM 675 Entrepreneurship (three credits)
  • BUSM 684 Corporate Residency Fieldwork (three credits)
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