Weekend classes

Attend classes one weekend per month, allowing you to maintain responsibilities to your work, family, and community while earning your master’s degree.  

High standards

Pride yourself on your program’s adherence to the ethical standards of the American Counseling Association and address cultural competency and social justice during your program.

Support for adults

Get the academic support you need as an adult from attentive faculty and staff of the Academic Success Center at your campus.

Licensing exam preparation

Prepare for the national licensing exam as part of your program.

An affordable degree

The combination of an accelerated format, affordable tuition, and staff to help you navigate the financial aid process makes this a surprisingly affordable program. 

Earning potential

Join other program graduates who have successful careers in agencies, private practice, schools, hospitals, or those who choose to go into private practice.

Student internships

Start making real change in the mental health field by providing compassion, guidance, and service to others in need during your internships.

Academic requirements

Complete the academic requirements to become eligible for licensure as a mental health counselor or professional counselor.

Hybrid, Web-enhanced classroom

Enrich your learning and résumé with online classes, and an online classroom component for all courses that will strengthen the skills you need as a professional in the field

Outstanding faculty

Learn from faculty members who have and are working in the mental health field and are eager to share their experiences. 

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