The Campus Guide includes essential information for students attending this campus, such as academic support services, ID cards, class cancellation information, and a resource for restaurants and hotels in the area.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my personal welcome to you as a student at Springfield College Southern California.

At the Southern California campus you are treated with respect for your life, work, family, and community and life experiences. The sharing of these experiences with your fellow students and faculty increases total awareness and critical thinking, which is the key to our program’s success. Open, ongoing, and authentic dialogue is the foundation of our educational approach.

The willingness to assist you in succeeding with your educational endeavors is sincerely shared by all the faculty and staff at Springfield College Southern California. We look forward to providing the very best learning environment for you throughout your Springfield College experience.

Again, welcome.

Moe Saouli, DPA
Lead Faculty


Academic Support Services

Springfield College Southern California has an Academic Success Center that offers readily and easily accessible services. The Center is a resource for students and instructors alike and focuses on writing support services, resource support services, research skills, and developing sustainable study skills. Reference tools connect directly to information, materials, and resources for writing, APA, organization, analysis, critical thinking, reflection/reaction essays, public speaking, and study tips.

All services are coordinated with the assistance of a resource specialist and focus on the development of sustainable skills to help students become independent learners.

The support services are available on a drop-in basis during regular campus hours, class hours of operation, or by appointment. A student may self-elect to seek assistance or follow through on a recommendation.

We strongly encourage students to take advantage of the Academic Success Center services by contacting Gerard Morel at (714) 368-0630, gmorel@springfieldcollege.eduto set up an appointment or learn more about these services and free reference tools.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with documented physical, learning, or psychological disabilities may be eligible for reasonable academic accommodations to help them succeed in their academic program. It is the student’s responsibility to make a request for such accommodations and to provide appropriate documentation administered by a qualified professional such as psychologists, medical doctors, or agencies specializing in the diagnosis of such disabilities. Students must submit current documentation. If you have questions about services for students with disabilities, please contact Lead Faculty, Moe Saouli at (714) 368-0630,

Please visit here for complete information.

Technology Support Services

For assistance in all areas related to technology (gmail, Moodle, PrideNet), please contact Yolanda Gonzalez at (714) 368-0630 ext. 204,

Academic Information

Class Cancellations, Delays, Closing

Notification of campus class cancellation, openings, delays, or closings will be available through PrideNet, College e-mail, or by calling the campus telephone number (888) 316-5111.

Campus Information


Bookstore Hours of Operation:
Monday -Thursday 8 a.m.- 6 p.m., Friday 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Monday -Thursday 9 a.m - 4 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

The bookstore is physically located at the main Springfield College campus at 263 Alden St., Springfield, MA 01109, and can be reached at (413) 748-3596, or online. You can also purchase Springfield College apparel and other items there as well. 

Identification Cards

Students enrolled in Springfield College Southern California will be issued a student identification card with an assigned student identification number. This card is used for identification purposes in accessing college buildings and grounds, borrowing material from the Learning Commons, and for attending college sponsored events. The first Springfield College Identification Card is issued to a student at no charge. Replacements for lost or stolen cards will cost $35. Photos for identification cards are taken during the New Student Orientation. please contact Kristen Hodges, (714) 368-0630 ext. 203,

Emergency Information

Safety on Campus

Springfield College and the School of Professional and Continuing Studies are serious about safety at all of our campuses. Please visit here to register for SC Alert and Rave Guardian applications.

Title IX Resources

Southern California Resources

For assistance in Title IX related issues, please contact Camille Elliott, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the School of Professional and Continuing Studies at or (413) 748-3978.

For more information on Title IX at Springfield College, please click here.


Entrance to the campus is on the 2nd level. Parking is located on the 2nd level of the parking garage. All students, faculty and staff are required to park on the 2nd level.


Motel 6 Irvine Orange County Airport, 1717 East Dyer Rd., Santa Ana, (949) 261-1515
Comfort Inn & Suites John Wayne Airport, 2620 Hotel Terrace Dr., Santa Ana, (714) 966-5200
La Quinta Inn & Suites Orange County, 2721 Hotel Terrace, Santa Ana, (714) 540-1111
Atrium Hotel at Orange County Airport, 18700 MacArthur Blvd, Irvine, Costa Mesa - SNA Airport, (866) 678-6350
Key Inn and Suites, 1611 El Camino Real, Tustin, (714) 832-3220
Bel Air Motor Hotel, 140 W. 1st Street, Tustin, (714) 504-3547


Belacan Grill, 17460 17th St., (714) 505-9908
Cabo Loco, 1419 N. Tustin St., (714) 532-1220
Café China, 17631 17th St., (714) 832-3338
Crab Cooker Restaurant, 17260 17th St., Enderele Plaza, (714) 573-1077
El Torito, 17420 17th St., (714) 838-6630
Flame Broiler, 17612 17th St., (714) 665-3964
Ono Ono Hawaiian BBQ, 17582 17th St., (714) 505-0750
Taco Bell, 17502 E. 17th St., (714) 730-6030
Zito’s Bar & Grill, 17320 17th St., (714) 730-0003
Zov’s Bistro, 17440 E. 17th St., Enderele Plaza, (714) 838-8855
Santa Ana
Farmer Boys, 2205 E. 17th St., (714) 954-0750
Pho Asian Grill, 2110 N. Tustin Ave., (714) 569-1174
Shabu Shabu Bar, 1945 E. 17th St., Ste 108, (714) 954-0332


Public Transportation

Trains, Automobiles and Road Conditions: Getting Around Southern California:

Los Angeles Department of Transportation
Los Angeles Metro
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System
Amtrak (traffic)

Academic FAQs

What is the role of my academic advisor?

Think of your academic advisor as your partner in education. Your advisor is responsible for ensuring that you understand the School of Professional and Continuing Studies program and sequencing of courses and for monitoring your academic progress so that all graduation requirements are met. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to ask questions and to keep track of your own progress.

What is a syllabus and what information is usually included in it?

A syllabus is your guide to understanding what is expected in a course. The instructor will give you a syllabus no later than the first class. This document will include contact information for the professor, class and Moodle assignments, grading criteria, and academic policies.

What is a pre-course assignment?

Pre-course assignments are reading, writing, and project activities that are preparation for the first class of the course that you will be taking. You will find the vital information you need prior to your first class in the syllabus. It contains the instructor’s contact information, course objectives, required texts, and the pre-course assignment. The syllabus must be downloaded from the School of Professional and Continuing Studies website. You may be required to submit your pre-course assignment in the learning management system called “Moodle.”

Do I have to complete any academic work between classes?

Yes. Education is continuous and class meetings are just one aspect of the learning process. You are expected to complete all assignments as indicated on the course syllabus and the web-enhanced between-class assignments that incorporate the learning management system called “Moodle.” This applies for all School of Professional and Continuing Studies courses. These assignments are critical to your academic success. They also enable you to qualify for federal financial aid as a college student taking courses in our accelerated course format. Therefore, you must allocate some of your time between classes for learning activities that might include reading, writing, analyzing, reflecting, interacting with others, research, and interacting online with fellow students and the instructor. Assignments must be completed before each class session so you will be prepared for the classroom learning experience.

What happens if I miss a class?

You are expected to attend all class sessions and workshops for the courses in which you are enrolled. If you must miss all or part of a class session, you must notify the instructor in advance and make arrangements to make up course assignments. If you miss more than one class session, you may withdraw from the course or you may receive an “F” grade for the course depending on when the absences take place.

What happens to financial aid when I add/drop a course?


Your eligibility for a grant may be lost or reduced when a course is dropped. In some cases, your eligibility may increase if a course is added. Your eligibility for a loan may also change. Check with the staff person handling financial aid at the campus before making final arrangements to add or drop a course so that you will know the impact, if any, in your specific situation.


How is my financial aid impacted when I take less than a full-time load (12 credits undergraduate, 9 credits graduate)?

Aid is based on full-time enrollment unless your enrollment status is specifically stated as part-time. Many grants are available only to full-time undergraduate students. Pell grants are required to be adjusted for less than full-time status. Cost of attendance changes due to enrollment less than full-time status may also reduce loan eligibility.

If I have a disability, how can I get assistance and support?

Support services and accommodations are available to any student with a documented disability. If you require reasonable accommodations to assist you with your studies, you must provide current and appropriate documentation. For information regarding the type of services available to you, please contact Lead Faculty, Moe Saouli (714) 368-0630,

How do I receive credit for experiential learning in the undergraduate program?

The portfolio course (Human Services Portfolio Development, HUSB 307) teaches a process that identifies each student’s college-level learning and utilizes methodologies that enhance the student’s ability to think conceptually and analytically. Students identify, categorize, and organize their knowledge and present this knowledge through a course equivalent process. Once the knowledge has been identified, students must decide if and how this knowledge relates to learning that is typically credited at the college level. The Human Services Portfolio Development course provides a framework to assist students in reflecting upon and articulating their college-level experiential learning. These policies and procedures are based upon guidelines established by the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL).

When is my portfolio due?

The portfolio must be submitted at least six months prior to your anticipated graduation date to allow for the timely review and possible revision of submitted materials.

Where do I find out the latest info about School of Professional and Continuing Studies courses, programs, and activities?

You can find the latest information regarding School of Professional and Continuing Studies courses, programs, and activities through e-mail announcements sent to your Springfield College e-mail address, other campus correspondence to students, campus bulletin boards, academic course schedules, and the School of Professional and Continuing Studies website. When viewing the School of Professional and Continuing Studies website, be sure to access the link leading to your campus location.

How can I access a computer on campus?

The campus Computer Lab located in Room #221, gives you access to the Harold C. Smith Learning Commons (Springfield College's library) for program research. The computers in the lab are equipped with resources including spreadsheets, Internet, and Learning Common access. You can access email through your Springfield College PrideNET account.

Are online courses available at School of Professional and Continuing Studies?

Online courses are offered through both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs to matriculated School of Professional and Continuing Studies students. See your advisor for details or check the School of Professional and Continuing Studies home page for the schedule.

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