The School of Professional and Continuing Studies has tools and resources to assist students in career exploration.

Career Videoconferences

The following seminars will help students develop a career development plan and provide the tools on how to get there. Each seminar will be offered via videoconference so that students from all campuses may participate. Sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes.

Job Search, Summer 2016

Where can I find job search resources and tools online?

Should I work with employment agencies?

How can I rebrand myself to stand out in this economy?

Join us to answer these and other questions. 

Resume Writing, Fall 2016

Should my cover letter restate what is already on my résumé?

What should be on my cover letter, and should I always send one?

What should a thank you letter say, and is it necessary?

Join us to answer these and other questions. 

Interviewing, January 2017

The interviewing seminar will help students prepare for the job interview process. We will discuss interview appearance, body language and non-verbal communication, potential interviewer questions, and preparing the all-important candidate questions for the interviewer.

All scheduled videoconferences will be led by Associate Director of Student Services, Camille Elliot, MS, CAGS, HS-BCD and Coordinator of Student Success,David Renza, MA. Camille oversees student services and has experience in career advising and student development. David Renza's career services experience is as a Retention NCO with the Connecticut Army National Guard, and as a former assistant director of military admissions. He has also written a book on military education and civilian career transitions, and has hosted presentations on the topic at numerous colleges and military installations.