Any currently enrolled School of Professional and Continuing Studies student with a documented disability may request academic accommodations. If a student chooses to request academic accommodations the following steps must be followed:

Step One: Self-Identify

The process for requesting academic accommodations begin when  students voluntarily schedule an appointment, call, e-mail, send a letter, fax, to the campus director at their instructional campus and identify that they have a documented disability.

Step Two: Send Verification of Disability

Next, students seeking accommodations must send evidence of their accommodation needs from the appropriate qualified professional to the campus director. Refer to the Disability Verification Guidelines on the next page for specific information regarding your disability.

Step Three: Complete Disability Information Form

Students must complete the Intake Form which is an official request for disability services.

Step Four: Schedule an Intake Appointment

Next, students seeking accommodations are required to schedule an appointment with the campus director at their instructional campus to verify documentation, discuss student needs, review policies and procedures, determine the appropriate and reasonable accommodations for the student  if approved and to finalize disability services paperwork.

Step Five: Voluntary Disability Notification to Faculty

Students with documented disabilities who have completed the disability accommodation process and are approved for academic accommodations, may request in writing that their instructors be notified of authorized classroom accommodations. Confidential letters of accommodation are then sent by the campus director to instructors within seven (7) days of the student’s approved classroom accommodations. Students are required to meet with their instructors to make arrangements for the accommodations identified in the letter.

Step Six: Self-Advocate

Finally, self-advocacy is a crucial step in the entire disability accommodation process. Students are required to assist and remain actively involved in the identification and provision of appropriate and reasonable accommodations and services.

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