Congratulations and welcome to the new Student Organization Officers for the 2017-18 academic year. The Student Organization unifies and strengthens the student body in the School of Social Work by providing opportunities to organize around student interests and develop student activities. Student Organization Officers represent students in major decisions in the School of Social Work and establish connections to student life at Springfield College.

MSW Weekday

  • President - Anthony Joshua
  • Vice-President - Shernette Cohen
  • Secretary - Rebecca Ross
  • Treasurer - Tiffany Wright
  • Cultural Affairs - Yanique Daley

MSW Weekend

  • President - Ryki Pearce
  • Vice-President - Elizabeth Plouffe
  • Secretary - Serena Green
  • Treasurer - Danielle Costa
  • Cultural Diversity - Whitley Mingo
  • Public Relations - Elizabeth Plouffe
  • Organizational Committee Head - Iceis Alston
  • Worcester Representative - Dennis Miles
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